The weekend disappears in a flurry with barely a second to stop and appreciate it. We’re back to Monday, ready for another productive week ushered in by the top 5 items to drop this week at OPUMO. We’ve had several exciting additions to the site recently, with brands like Hotel Magique flying the flag for our interior design categories. Making up this week’s Top 5 Items are new arrivals from some of our favourite design stalwarts like Normann Copenhagen, Menu, Design House Stockholm and Rug Solid. Give your home a lift this week.

5 things

Normann Copenhagen Black / Oak Herit Armchair

Normann Copenhagen’s Herit Armchair displays the studio’s signature style, bringing modern twists to classic designs. This solid oak chair sees deep black plastic details add a contemporary edge thanks to their sweeping lines that contrast with the clean regularity of the wooden joints. Moulded with a core of foam, the plastic has thickness in the right areas to afford optimum comfort.

Hotel Magique Continuous Magique Art Print

When Hotel Magique founder Milou Neelen bought her first piece of Japanese golden momi paper, it inspired her. She returned to her studio and painted a work that read ‘Hôtel Magique - 8th Avenue & 51st - Open crazy late’. Since then, Neelen’s Hotel Magique has become a go-to destination for playful, creative, affordable prints for the home. The Continuous Magique Print features a bold pattern of parallel white lines that jump from the black background. The piece, like all Hotel Magique prints, shows that Neelen doesn’t try to hide the imperfection of design by hand which lends the prints a sense of fun.

5 things

5 things

Menu Black / Brass Hubert Pendant Light

Menu’s Black / Brass Hubert Pendant Light is designed by famous New York City firm Søren Rose Studio. Abiding by classic design values of simplicity, functionality and elegance, the Hubert Pendant is a valuable addition to any room. The black shell contrasts with a shining brass interior that exudes a warm, diffused light. The lamps, having been pared down, seek to emphasise the structure of the pendant itself rather than the light it gives out.

Design House Stockholm Small Grow Greenhouse

It’s becoming an inescapable reality in 2019 that bringing indoor plants to your home is both a style and health essential. Design House Stockholm’s Small Grow Greenhouse makes the relationship between plant and owner as carefree as possible. The handmade glass capsule maximises growth during the early stages of a plant’s life.

5 things

Rug Solid Green / Amber / Grey Horizon Wool Rug

Crafted from pure wool and recycled fishing nets, Rug Solid’s Horizon Rug shows the brand’s willingness to go the extra mile to promote sustainability within the home. Not only is the rug made responsibly, it looks great too: the striking geometric design is inspired by lines and horizons in landscapes. The colour scheme is harmonious and casual, easily matched with white, black or light wood.

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