The weather is getting pretty silly now, isn’t it? The stories of the summer of 1976 are getting put to bed, amber weather warnings are getting released every week and it seems to be a very long time ago that we all wore trousers at the weekend. We’re all still enjoying the weather, don’t get us wrong, but temperatures are set to get ramped up a bit further which is why this week's Top 5 takes an alternative focus. Rather than filling you up with even more sunglasses and shorts we’re serving you up some of the finest items to fill your home with. Given how hot it is, and how seriously we all take those weather warnings, it's likely that you’ll be spending a little bit more time at home with all the doors and windows open. That’s why you will want to enjoy your home a little bit more with a few of these new arrivals.

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Vitamin Mid Blue Knot Lamp

British design studio Vitamin has that extra-special commodity that only a select number of brands can lay claim to. They have a certain vibrancy, uniqueness and independence that sees them elevate a host of homeware items to whole new heights. The Knot Lamp has that enigmatic aura too with its hand-blown glass shade that is complemented by the enchanting blue monkey fist knot. The lamps are also incredibly versatile and can be displayed in an illuminating cluster line, or alone creating a single ambient glow.

SP01 Blue Chee Chair

The Blue Chee Chair is pretty much the epitome of SP01’s incredibly clear vision; to create a new collection of contemporary furniture based on rigorous design and honest materials. Not only does the Chee Chair tread that extra special line between ornate and contemporary design, but it’s also made for indoor and outdoor use – which is a particular strength at this time of year – and it looks good in both settings, too. What is more, it should be noted that the beautiful overlapping metal wire frame creates a striking geometric web that supports the back and forms a seat that is both beautifully graphic and supremely comfortable.

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Studio Esinam Kobenhavn Elevations Print

Rather than portraying cityscapes like you’ve seen ten times over, Studio Esinam tell the architectural story of the world’s famous landmarks and prominent buildings quite simply; by producing meticulous line drawings and elevations. Take this Copenhagen Elevations print, for example, which explores and communicates the deeper qualities of architecture by looking at it from new angles and presenting it in fresh and engaging ways. Limited to just 1000 prints, the sculpted drawing features elevated visions of 5 Copenhagen buildings including Grundtvigs Kirke, Marmorkirken, Danmarks Nationalbank, Vor Frelsers Kirke and Nyhavn.

Menu Grey Marble Wall Clock

In an age where we all rely on smartphones to tell us the time, Norm Architects and Menu want to bring about a renaissance and appreciation of the classic wall clock. They do this in the only way they know how, by introducing another sophisticated Scandinavian home accessory to its ensemble, the Marble Wall Clock. Crafted from the finest marble and stripped of unnecessary detail, the Menu Wall Clock will be a distinguished addition to any room in the house.

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OMMO Buoy Round Tea Infuser

Japanese studio OMMO are hell-bent on redefining the world of kitchenware; to solve this problem and make stock of minimalist, high-quality kitchenware that you will actually use. Essentially, they combine the best of eastern and western influences to create a range of functional objects with a refreshingly simple aesthetic. Minimalist in approach, the signature Buoy Tea Infuser has been designed with the unique feature of a combined ‘handle and hook’ which conveniently grabs the rim of a cup or a small teapot. Plus, it’s easy to use too; simply slide the lid up, scoop the loose tea leaves and brew.

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