In these unpredictable times, the best that we can do is to remain positive (and as far from other people as possible). Working from home can get lovely and monotonous, which is not a cocktail for happiness, but rather a recipe for negativity. We still feel positive though, because we can make these dark times much more bearable with a touch of positivity and some new pieces of furniture for your home office.

While those who don’t work from home see it as a treat, those who do work from home complain of the boredom and strict self-discipline needed. Working from home looks a lot more appealing with a brand new home office desk crafted to perfection by some of the world’s greatest designers, right? We thought so. Here are four of the best office desks to give your home office a makeover.

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Design House Stockholm Oak Arco Desk

Inspired by traditional wooden workshop benches, Chuck Mack’s Arco Desk sits on oak trestles. The design, sold through Design House Stockholm features two solid oak trestles that attach to a wooden frame using wooden plugs for stability. The table top is made of tempered glass with rounded edges to avoid chips and accidents. This stylish glass office desk is a modern update rooted in absolute practicality.

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Hem Black Alle 250cm Dining Table

Yes, it’s meant to be a dining table but as a general rule: the bigger the desk, the better the work. Much of working at any desk is about organisation, being able to spread work out creates a physical connection between your mind and the work, increasing productivity. Hem’s Alle Dining Table is made of solid oak and features elegantly tapered and rounded edges that give the impression of lightness as well as displaying the masterful craftsmanship of the table.

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home office

Northern Shelter Work Desk

A much more compact option than our first two selections, Northern’s Shelter Work Desk is ideal for those looking to simplify their working environment. Corner desks are great for capitalising on awkward space, and when the desk is crafted from a smoked oak table top and perforated steel back screen, you can be sure you have practicality as well as beauty. This simple design uses few components to achieve maximum effectiveness which, in our opinion, is a good measure of great design.

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John Green Oak Otis Dining Table

Our final choice falls more squarely into the category of office tables but we suggest using it as a large wooden desk instead. The solid oak frame and waxed table top join so gracefully that we can barely take our eyes off the joint. As with John Green’s equally elegant Otis Chair, the table top hovers millimetres above the top of the legs, displaying the accuracy of the immaculate design.

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