The term 'sustainability' has been bandied about a lot within the fashion industry in recent years, becoming an overused buzzword whose real meaning is increasingly blurred. But amidst all the confusion and greenwashing, there are a handful of brands making a real difference with their sustainability efforts. One such label is Thinking MU, which was established in 2008 upon the premise of harnessing clothes as a tool for positive change. Style-conscious yet critical of the fashion industry's detrimental impact on the environment and society, its four founders Pepe Barguñó, Miquel Castells, Alejandro Arenas and Carlos Cortadellas came together to 'create clothes with common sense'.

Fast forward 12 years and the Barcelona-based brand is staying true to its roots, challenging consumers to question everything – fashion rules, the workings of modern society, and even 'sustainability' itself. Its declaration is 'Ready to think', a cheeky play on the term 'Ready to wear', which connotes speed, over-production and fast fashion.

But Thinking MU's efforts go beyond a simple declaration. It prides itself on its use of organic, recycled and Fairtrade textiles, with a planet-friendly hemp range and a zero-waste trash initiative that promotes a circular economy through the use of post-consumer recycled materials. Transparency is another core value of Thinking MU: each of its garments include a traceability tag with a QR code to access a full breakdown of its impacts – from carbon footprint to packaging to animal welfare.

If all this talk of eco-friendly fabrics is conjuring up images of kaftans and harem pants, you'll be glad to know that Thinking MU's offering is just as stylish as it is sustainable. A strong Mediterranean aesthetic runs throughout the collections, resulting in clothing that is inherently relaxed and versatile: think pared-back yet playful printed tees and sweaters, easy-to-wear denim staples and outerwear that can be dressed up or down. Fashion-forward clothing that doesn't cost the earth? Thinking MU has our vote.

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