Making its debut at the 1985 Frankfurt motor show, the BMW E30 M3 was designed to allow the marque to compete in Group A touring car racing. Group A racing required a car to share its main components with the production road car, signalled by the wide arches that accommodate racing wheels and tyres. 5000 of this model were manufactured to homologate the M3 and all 5000 sold quickly. This 1988 BMW E30 M3 is a prime example of why they flew out of the dealerships.


This iconic car can thank its statement silhouette for much of its fame. While it was built for racing, it came with dimensions and proportions that worked for the road. The versatile bodywork is typically boxy and sure to get ‘80s and ‘90s fans’ hearts racing. Featuring an immaculate Diamantschwarz finish, this example has to be one of the sleekest left on the road.

Couple the jet black exterior with a classic original fit and finish interior complete with heated leather seats and full black trim, this BMW E30 M3 is a sight to behold. The only new fixture you’ll find inside is a Pioneer stereo.

The S14 4 pot engine has been kept in perfect working condition over the past 30 years, showing no signs of letting up, a nod to the quality of production at the time. Looking to the details, classic BBS alloy rims provide a signature finish to the machine, standing out as highlights against the jet black backdrop.

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