As we'll be spending a lot more time at home over the coming months as the world reaches frenzy-level, it's important that we love our environments. While we may not have the time to completely rejig our homes, do not despair, there is a shortcut. Certain items are so full of character, so lively that they can single-handedly change the overall feeling of a room, not only the space immediately around them, but also highlighting and elevating other pieces within the room. With brands like Slowdown Studio, The Skateroom and Hem, it's easier than you might imagine to make a splash. Here are three items that can help you instantly transform any room.

The Skateroom Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Hollywood Africans, 1983 Triptych

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s unrestrained creativity is on full show in Hollywood Africans. The piece from 1983 was painted during a trip to Los Angeles and puts forward some of Hollywood’s stereotypes of African-American artists, musicians and actors. When it comes to art for the home, Basquiat’s unique style makes for hours of appreciation, noticing a new detail on each viewing.

Slowdown Studio July Throw

Crafted from 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in North Carolina, Slowdown Studio’s July Throw is durable and stylish, making it versatile enough to be used outside, on a sofa or even hung on the wall. Featuring a competition-winning design by London-based illustrator James Daw, this large cotton throw blanket comes with Slowdown Studio's signature playfulness.

Hem Black / White Arch Throw

Designed by Milan-based fashion designer Arthur Arbesser, this minimal woollen throw blanket commands attention. The striking motif is inspired by 1930s Italian architecture and is complemented by bright orange borders. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, this soft blanket throw is the item you want by your side through the frosty nights.

Many don’t realise that transforming a room can be as easy as introducing one statement piece, but it’s even more effective if you can coordinate this highlight item. Think about matching or contrasting textures, shapes and colours to add impact to your new look.

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