Growing up wishing you were older; growing old wishing you were younger. The paradox will have filled the thoughts of us all at some point. But courtesy of Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos, and their latest concept the Toy House MM01, you can enjoy the exuberance of youth, whatever your age, with this joyful refuge from the outside world.

Complete for a fast-growing family, the 247- square-metre project is huge playground for for the household, away from their main residence in the Jardim Paulista district of Sao Paulo.

But the house is more than just a playful shelter for the children’s toys and toils as it is also an apt venue for entertaining guests.

“If you drive in front of the Toy House you will never imagine what hides behind the grey wall,” explain the architects.

“But it is this lack of elements that also creates a climax when you come in.”

Playfulness is apparent as soon as you step inside, where a piece by twin artists OSGEMEOS greets you with the quote, ‘the world outside is too boring’. Setting the tone for a life free of worry, the OSGEMEOS quote is appeased with bright splashes of colour in the form of the vibrant toy block seating arrangement which acts as a vocal point to the integrated kitchen and party-prepping area.

The design as a whole remains relatively simple, allowing the eccentricity of decoration and the provision of fun to take over. The minimal backdrop is complimented with artwork from contemporary figures such as Anish Kapoor and Keith Haring; enlacing the house with an added edge of fun and frivolity.

Stretching over three-floors, joined by a steel staircase, the simple architecture across all floors acts as a blank canvas for self-expression. Displayed on the upper floor, where the capsule metal-structure can be dictated to form small, isolated, large or open spaces ideal for entertainment. But of course, in keeping with the playhouse theme, the minimal backdrop is clashed with crooked bookcases and Tetris blocks which make the reshaping of the room a more enjoyable experience.

The third and final floor takes on the guise of an Indian fort’s observation tower. Seemingly leaving the best till last, the top floor is connected to the main house through a red rope bridge that passes over a wild garden below; adding a sense of adventure to the project.

More than just an aesthetic experiment, the Toy House is an innovative example of modern day design that leaves every visitor craving another adventure. After all, we are all a child at heart.