Project name: Turmhaus Tirol | Location: Gerlosberg, Austria | Completed: 2018 | Architect: Holzrausch in cooperation with Grünecker Reichelt Architects

Located near Zell am Ziller at an altitude of 1261 metres sits Turmhaus Tirol, one of the world’s most coveted chalets. The property is based on the regional design and takes up characteristic features of the surrounding farmhouses and reinterprets them, adding a contemporary edge.

In order to get the best view of the breathtaking scenery, the house was set back to the upper edge of the plot. This meant that the property had more difficult ground to navigate. The steeply sloping terrain and the desire to emulate the local design of the tower house led to a floor area of 8x8 metres.

In true James Bond style, the access to Turmhaus Tirol runs through a cutout in the mountain. Car access leads directly from the road to the garage and visitors can enter the house via a walkway-like external staircase over the slope or directly from the underground car park. This route leads past the underground lounge with a billiard room and wine cellar.

The first floor of the property houses the guest apartment including a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and sauna. One floor up is a living room with cooking and dining area separated by an open fireplace incorporated into the concrete core of the home. The large window facing the valley and the western loggia towards the slope offer stunning vistas.

Our favourite area of Turmhaus Tirol is the kitchen which exhibits masterful craftsmanship. The worktop and stone sink are made from large stone blocks which – like all stone elements in the home including the floor covering – are made of boulder from the excavation pit.

Imagery courtesy of Holzrausch.

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