The words ‘modern, minimalist portable speaker’ do not ordinarily translate into to a full-bodied, multi-functional wireless speaker that sounds great anywhere in the home. But, then again, the Vifa Oslo Loudspeaker is not your ordinary portable speaker.

If you’re looking for a good-looking – an actual good-looking Bluetooth speaker in the respect that it doesn’t even look like a speaker – then the Vifa Oslo is well worth considering. Despite its small, solid size, the Oslo offers a clear, sharp and powerful sound which comes with a stable Bluetooth link that’s easy to connect. As a nice little extra, the Oslo Loudspeaker also comes with an additional 3.5mm auxiliary cable to connect devices that don’t have Bluetooth.


Originally founded in a Danish village in 1933, Vifa made driver units for a varety of ‘well-known high-end brands’ until 2014 when it made the transition into making its own wireless speakers. So, it’s no surprise that the brand’s audio expertise translates into the portable Oslo speaker. Under the sleek and understated exterior, sits two 50mm Vifa-designed drivers with aluminium cones and neodymium magnets, plus an additional two 65mm Vifa-designed woofers which help provide ‘the physics for a full-bodied reproduction of music.’

Vifa 2

vifa 3

The warm sound of the Oslo Loudspeaker is matched to the surprising feel which comes with the speaker’s wool cover. Featuring a range of exclusive textile covers designed by Kvadrat – ‘Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles’ - the covers sit handsomely over an aluminium frame and they are available in five colour finishes; including Pine Green, Mountain Blue, Sand Yellow, Ocean Blue, Ice Blue, Anthracite Grey and Pebble Grey. The unique selection of hand-selected woollen covers helps the Vifa Oslo Loudspeaker close the gap between style and substance. In doing so, it creates the perfect link between technology, sound quality and long-lasting design.

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