It’s a new year and we’ve got a new look at OPUMO. Alongside this new look comes a whole host of exciting new brands from all around the spectrum. Whether you were growing weary of your wardrobe or tired of your interiors, a bunch of burgeoning new brands are here to remedy the situation. With so many new arrivals, each more attention-grabbing than the last, it’s easy to let some fly under the radar. If you know us at all, you’ll know that we hate the idea of great design going unnoticed. That’s why we like to formally introduce our readers to new brands, laying down what we think makes each one special and filling in the background. Up next is Wall of Art

The story behind Wall of Art

When founders Annika and Nicklas moved into a new apartment, one of their first moves was to fill the empty walls. They searched for hours, coming across the same designs over and over again online. Unique, artisan prints that didn’t cost a fortune were almost non-existent. Instead of settling for art prints that didn’t capture their imaginations, Annika picked up the paintbrush and made some pieces herself. 

Wondering whether more people might like to decorate their homes with Annika’s work, the couple researched production and marketing options, soon to find that it was complex and time-consuming. Annika and Nicklas had discovered the problem that Wall of Art would solve.

Wall of Art's mission

The difficulty and investment necessary to properly market artwork rules the option out for many artists, especially younger, unknown artists. This makes it difficult for these creatives to reach a wider audience, and that’s why Wall of Art exists. Acting as the art gallery of the future, Wall of Art makes it easy for emerging artists to sell their art as art prints, taking care of the practicalities, from marketing to production and shipping. 

Our favourite prints

Originally painted by Sara Helena Stribrant, this moody art print makes in instant impact against a white wall. The deep black design dominates the page, forcing the viewer to focus on textures and shades of the colour. The interplay between the different shades of black as well as the windows to the white background lend this piece a sense of mystery.

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Artist Alexander Adiels says: “My thought about personalities is that one person often keeps different colours and shades within the personality. I wanted to create a room housing the different colours symbolising the different kinds of people. A logical place for reflection and exchange of views is the living room.”

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With only 30 copies of this wall art print available, act quickly! 10% of the profit of this collection goes to the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights. The artwork itself is bold and dynamic, instilling any empty corner with a sense of purpose and flair.

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