Never have brands played such an important role in our lives. It’s hard to find any nook or cranny of daily life that hasn’t been infiltrated by the influence of global brands, whether it’s overt sponsoring or a sneaky peek at the label of James Bond’s beer of choice. On this premise, Polish designer Wamhouse Studio has made a prediction that might be scarily accurate.

The studio, known for its humorous but poignant takes on social issues, has created a series of four houses based on the logos of some of the word’s most famous companies. 

From Chevrolet to Mitsubishi, Renault and Adidas, Wamhouse Studio has designed the sponsored living quarters of the future.

Set against dramatic skies and extreme conditions, the logo houses appear to be set in a dystopian future, one where even our dwellings are under the control of the world’s more powerful brands. 

That said, sign us up for the Chevrolet penthouse…

For more information, visit Wamhouse Studio.

The future of architecture looks bright, just take the tour of Dune House for proof.