Project name: Dune House | Location: Cape Cod, United States | Completed: N/A | Architect: Studio Vural

Based in Brooklyn, Studio Vural is a boutique architecture firm whose most recent concept has captured our hearts and minds. The firm’s principal architect, Selim Vural, has spent several summers holidaying in the Cape Cod area where he studies the terrain, climate and vegetation, eventually inspiring the concept for Dune House. 

This unplugged house can be likened to an autonomous nervous system, self-sustaining in high-capacity power generation, producing more clean energy than it consumes through the self-storing solar panels and insulation via burrowing. Deep steel piles are blanketed by earth on all sides, anchoring Dune House in the geothermal temperature of its plot. 

Not only does this project have a positive carbon footprint, its visual impact is minimised by building the property into the landscape. Only visible from the sea, Dune House blends seamlessly and fascinatingly with surrounding nature – immersed rather than imposed like many of the houses in the area. 

There are no machines in or around the house other than the devices that power, heat, cool and vent the property. Embracing technology through smart heat-recovery systems, auto-climatic adjustment, self-storing solar panels and mini wind turbines means that the property produces no chemical waste and uses no fuel. Dune House shows the possibility of technology making peace with nature.

Imagery by Dom Wipas.

The Whale is another futuristic concept project, but this one is expected in 2022.