A lot of what we wear today finds its origins on the sports field – and that’s looking beyond the obvious such as sneakers, polo shirts and tracksuits. The button-down collar and the v-neck sweatshirt for instance, also have an unassuming association with a sporting life - and the importance of that relationship cannot be underplayed.


Sportswear details continue to creep into a range of menswear essentials which has made certain pieces of clothing easier and more acceptable to wear than ever before. The latest being the drawstring waistband – providing comfort, versatility and familiarity to the traditional tailored trouser.


[caption id="attachment_22598" align="alignnone" width="770"]Opumo4 L'Estrange London - The Collared Evening Shirt[/caption] [caption id="attachment_22597" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Opumo2 L'Estrange London - The 24 Trouser[/caption]}

With brands such as L’Estrange leading the way in the resurgence of the drawcord, it comes as a smart time to invest in a pair. The latest addition to the brand’s catalogue of menswear essentials, the L’Estrange 24 Trouser, is cut in a slim, gently tapered fit and features both a zipped fly fastening and a sly hidden drawstring around the elasticated hip. The combination of style and functionality ensures the trousers can be a quick and easy styling option – a valuable commodity when facing the clock in the morning rush.



Best of all, because of the stretch-cotton construction and the hybrid design between a smart and casual trouser, they are incredibly versatile. The beauty of the 24 Hour Trouser exists in the fact that they can be easily styled up with an unstructured blazer, such as the YMC Navy Amon Duul and a classic Collared Evening Shirt from L’Estrange, or for a more relaxed style; paired with a simple Form & Thread Grey Melange Essential Sweatshirt and a classic L’Estrange Navy Marmi Stripe Hood Jacket.

Shop the L’Estrange 24 Hour Trouser at OPUMO. It will be the smartest investment you make all year.