Conceived for a Sunday blast in the hills or across the sands, Auto Fabrica's newest bespoke machines are their latest stripped back take on Yamaha's SR500. The Type 7D and 7E are exquisitely wrought creations dispensing with all but the essentials for go-anywhere biking.

Think of the 7D and 7E as twins separated by the occasional aesthetic tweak. The 7D has a black gloss tank and a luxurious matching suede seat, while the 7E sports a white tank and an all-weather dark navy canvas saddle.


Each has a hand-made high-running exhaust pipe with a shot gun exit. This not only gives the bikes a distinctive edge but maximises ground clearance and wading depth. These machines mean business, further signified by bespoke aluminium mudguards.

The 7D and 7E started life as stock 1980 SR500s. At Auto Fabrica's unassuming garage space in the equally unlikely setting of Southend, the SR500s were totally stripped back. Engines were aqua-blasted and treated to deal with the rigours of off-roading.




Suspension is upgraded with stiffer springs and shocks. A tiny speedo and an oil temperature gauge are the only instruments, while handgrips are in leather. Form follows function to perfection.

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