Everyone knows Instagram but not everyone knows ‘Vemodalen’, a phrase which equates to the ‘frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical images already exist.’ So, hereby lies the problem. The depressing outlook is that despite your adventures, it is likely that the picture you are about to take has already been taken, and inevitably, the picture in existence is probably better than what you can muster. Therefore, it is imperative to scope the lengths and breadths of Instagram to discover the people who are remarkably, doing things their own way. Which is why we are introducing a weekly new series that offers an insight into the best sights and minds on Instagram – beginning with one of our favourite contemporary photographers, Cole Janeteas.


Name: Cole Janeteas

Location:  Toronto, Ontario

Camera: Sony A7r ii

Full-Time Job: Student/Photographer

Favourite Place Your Instagram Has Taken You: Iceland in 2016. My girlfriend (who is also a photographer) and I had always wanted to go to Iceland and one day last winter we spontaneously booked the trip and we found ourselves exploring that beautiful country together for ten days.

What Do You Use Your Instagram For: I use Instagram to, obviously, share my own photography, but to also follow other creatives that inspire me. I'm also huge into motorsports and surfing so I usually get a good daily dose of that stuff through Instagram.

Top Tip For Instagram: Do it for yourself. I think it is extremely important to always do things that you are passionate about and things that make you happy. As long as you are doing something for your own enjoyment and not for others, you will be unique and people will recognise that. So for Instagram I think it is important that you are creating and posting work that you truly care about instead of something to just get likes or followers. If you stick to your gut, the followers will come.



Three Of Your Favourite Instagram Accounts:

  1. @Petrolicious to get my daily dose of tasteful automobilia.
  1. @Cerealmag for travel and design inspiration.
  1. @Deuscustoms for my fix of surf and moto action.

Follow @Colejaneteas & @OPUMO.