Fresher than the day it was delivered and meticulously rebuilt, this 1969 Mercedes 280SE is the ultimate in convertible elegance.


Sold Build

This car dates from a time when the Mercedes Benz star stood for build quality above all else. Brabus stripped the 280SE to the bare bones. The result: this glorious convertible is in better-than-original condition.

Top Speed

 You surely won't be wanting to tear up the autobahn in your 280SE. Should you need to, there's 157bhp available from the six cylinder 2.8 litre engine, with a more-than-adequate top speed of 115mph.



Beautiful Design

The 280SE was conceived by the great French designer Paul Bracq, whose pen later produced the high speed TGV trains. The apparent simplicity of the 280SE gives this delightful convertible a regal air. Perfect for wafting you to a favourite European escape.

Why You Should Want It

Look, just look at those uncluttered lines. Then there's the work of the workshops of Brabus, best known for their high performance Mercedes Benz conversions to consider. In short: it's perfect. At £520,000, it's also a bit expensive, but there will be no better.


For more information, head to the Brabus website.