Illuminating the intricacies of light, colour and space, London designer Rachel Harding presents Wonderfluoro lights.

The enchanting collection of various framed fluorescent lamps contains thousands of miniscule parallel lines that split each individual light into their own wavelengths. In doing so, they each create a surface that diffracts the shape into multiple different colours, and when turned on, the bulbs radiate mesmeric rainbow-coloured echoes of themselves.

“I’ve always loved fluorescent light,” Harding explained to Dezeen. “They are designed to be really utilitarian but they often use really graphic beautiful shapes. I was interested in creating a new kind of lamp, one that would make us look at fluorescent lighting in a new way.”

With LED solutions now the leading light in technology, the Wonderfluoro series takes on a more nostalgic focus of design, with the forgotten fluorescent forming the identity of the complex structures.

Harding’s Wonderfluoro collection includes a range of contrasting configurations, with the bulbs individually arranged to reflect one another in cross shapes, circles and linear patterns. Each fluorescent light bulb is encased in a white coated aluminium case, covered in diffraction film between the two sheets of glass. The Wonderfluoro lights were previously exhibited at Aram Gallery’s Extra Ordinary Show, which ran from 22nd July to 22nd August 2015, alongside the Matter of Stuff Show at The Hospital Club, from the 23rd to 27th September 2015.  Take a closer look at the collection over on the Rachel Harding website.

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