The most vehement beauty lies in the untouched.

That is certainly a philosophy upheld by Lampemm studio, who focus on working with wood in the the purest form. Proving that purity breads supreme simplicity- Lampemm make classic wooden furniture and accessories that highlight the natural qualities of wood- built to last, and to feature simple, modernist and intriguing geometric shapes.

Their latest collection represents simple, angular forms that exude a personality greater than their worth- taking on quiet and monumental facades that display the traces of time and weather that naturally deteriorate the appearance of wood.

Influenced by public buildings, both through interiors and exteriors from the mid 20th century, the 2015 collection exudes Lampemm’s obsession with the relation of natural materials and the way they respond to ageing.

Every piece of wood used in the latest collection was treated with chemically corroded metal, either sanded and polished or combined with ceramics to reflect light in a unique way- and consequently change appearance based on the viewing angle.

The 2015 collection from the pioneering influencers of Lampemm is the most eloquent display of modern contemporary furnishings that you are likely to see all year.

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