Resplendent in Alaskan Blue, this sybaritic off-roader looks brand new, belying its classic origins as a 1991 Land Rover produced machine. A full 33 years and 120,000 miles have passed since this Range Rover Vogue rolled off the production line in Solihull, and a full restoration means it's ready now for its next adventure. These early classic Range Rovers are increasingly desirable, whether you’re going to use it for the off-road work for which the Rangie was originally designed or simply as a superior daily driver that shows off your good taste in great British design.

And great design is what this 1991 Land Rover Range Rover is all about. Original two-door was introduced in 1970, while our featured Rangie boasts the desirable four-door bodywork that followed eleven years later. Rover’s storied minimalist designer David Bache was responsible for the exterior, to basic architecture set out by former Rolls-Royce engineer Spen King. This 1991 Land Rover manufactured Range Rover shows how the classic pioneered the marque’s signature clamshell bonnet, defining the waistline all the way to the rear where there’s another signature, the gently sloping rear pillar.

Exterior of this example is as good, if not better, than when the Rangie left the 1991 Land Rover factory. The Alaskan Blue paintwork is newly applied, as part of a bare metal restoration. Inner wings and sills have been replaced, and any traces of the dreaded rust that can afflict these 1991 Land Rover made Range Rovers has been removed. Chunky three-spoke alloys are considered rare and speak of 1991 Land Rover stylists taking the Rangie gently upmarket.

Interior is where in 1991 Land Rover really spoilt its Range Rover customers. Basic utility of the early models gives way to Vogue trim with classy wood veneer to the dash, full leather seating and deep pile carpeting. Detail of the refurbishment even includes electric seat controls, removed and recommissioned, while wood veneer extends to the control for the four-speed ZF automatic transmission, because no-one wants the smoothness of their Range Rover journey to be interrupted by anything as crass as actually changing gear.

Lift the clamshell bonnet to find a 1991 Land Rover built 3.9 litre V8, sourced originally from Buick and long a staple of Rover and Land Rover machinery. Pumping out a full 185 bhp, to all four wheels naturally, the vendors describe the V8’s sound through the new exhaust system as "a lovely burble” which is more than enough for us. Like it? Duke of London are asking £18,995 for a slice of 1991 Land Rover made history. Given that a new Range Rover will cost you well over five times that, we’d say this 1991 Land Rover Rangie is something of a bargain. Count us in for the Chelsea Cruise.

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