FLOS was founded in 1962 by Dino Gavina with one simple mission: to create special objects that would change the life of the Italian market and the rest of the world. The first product that the brand tackled? The lightbulb. So, it goes without saying that the Italian brand has an affinity with lighting, one that has continued throughout the 57 years the studio has been functioning. They say that on average, to be considered an expert in any field you have to invest at least 10,000 hours of work into it and we think that it’s more than likely that FLOS have not only matched that but blown the figure out of the water. All of the hours of honing the craft have resulted in one collection of iconic lamps: FLOS IC Black Edition.

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, FLOS’ IC collection has been wildly popular. The range of lamps is typified by an orb of light positioned along the minimal lines of a frame, appearing to float. As if we were anywhere near growing tired of the original collection, FLOS has released the Black Edition which comprises all of the original models finished in matte black to enhance the clean lines of the frame.


FLOS IC Black Edition table lamps

Anastassiades’ new collection includes three table lamps all based around the same base shape, each in a different stage of movement. FLOS Black IC T2 is the most basic of the three, featuring a two-legged stand, the bulb rests on a single vertical rod. T1’s vertical bar extends further at an acute angle as the build remains suspended near the base while FLOS Black IC High Table Lamp sees the bulb extend to the highest section of the stand which is now an obtuse angle, as though the lamp has opened like a flower. FLOS, by the way, means flower in Latin.


FLOS IC Black Edition floor lamps

Both floor lamps of the Black Edition use the same, minimal design. While FLOS Black IC F2 Floor Lamp stands at 1852mm, its smaller sibling stands at 1350mm and features a smaller orbicular lamp. Misted, like all of the IC collection, the spherical lamps of the floor lights diffuse a warm, even glow.



FLOS IC Black Edition wall and ceiling lamps

FLOS Black IC Ceiling / Wall Light hangs from a perfectly right-angular frame, giving the impression that the lamp is floating in the dark when it’s illuminated. Fitting this light in multiples works to great effect: a line of glowing, floating orbs is always a visual success.

FLOS IC Black Edition pendant lights

Given that one of the IC collection’s great qualities is to make the light appear to float thanks to the minimal structural frames, we think that the pendant lights are the most effective of the collection; compounding the magical effect of the misted light floating in mid-air, the pendant is a striking addition to any room.


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