A watch is often a very personal thing. Traditionally given as gifts on big occasions, a watch is the epitome of a ‘valuable’. These priceless accessories are imbued with emotion and meaning, they’re extremely useful, oh, and a few of them look quite good too. As such an important piece of a look, it’s possible to spend some serious money on your luxury watch. Possible, but not necessary. Many believe that buying a new watch for under £400 compromises on quality, but dig a little deeper and you can secure a high-quality Swiss watch, or even a timepiece from a new name in British watchmaking, that will surpass standards. To illustrate our point, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best watches under £400 that you can buy today. 

Void Watches Silver / Black Mesh V03M Watch

The matte silver casing of this Void watch is unrivalled. Classy and immaculate, there isn’t a wrist in the world that wouldn’t suit this. The nostalgic face pays homage to the past 50 years of watch design, while the interior boasts a less nostalgic Japan Automatic 8215 movement with 21 jewels.

Dufa Gold / Green Leather Chronograph

There’s something royal about dark green leather and gold, we just can’t shake it. This chronograph is eye-catching thanks to Dufa’s impeccable eye for detail. The slim face suits the sophistication that this watch exudes. The Barcelona chronograph is a tribute to the iconic German pavilion built for the 1929 International Exposition in Barcelona. This has to be one of the best watches to invest in for 2020 because it will look just as good in another 90 years on too. 

Nomad Black / White Outline Watch

Not only do the markings make this Nomad watch extremely easy to read, but also give it a unique look. The clear white face contrasts with the black details of the watch, the product being a subtle minimalist dream. With few details, the materials become more noticeable. The textured steel case mimics cast iron, the coarseness working to counteract the refined clarity of the rest of the watch. The Swiss-made Quartz Ronda 762 movement means this watch is accurate and reliable wherever you are.

Armogan Autumn Green Spirit of St. Louis Watch

Armogan’s Spirit of St. Louis Watch shares many details with the Void Chronograph. Both have 6-handed faces and run on Japanese Miyota movements. Other than that, the watches are almost completely unrelated. Swapping the athletic look for a more traditional and classic aesthetic, this timepiece comes with leather or suede straps that will age finely over time, personalising your watch that little bit more. This is the best watch if you’re looking for a slim-line, easy-to-wear everyday timepiece thanks to its slim 44mm stainless steel case. 

Void Watches Black V03C-BL Mesh Chronograph Watch

Catering to all sides of the watch buying spectrum, the Void Chronograph is loved by the athletic, the highly punctual, and class watch buffs alike. 6 hands and a Japanese Quartz Miyota Movement tell the time to a split second. The all black look is complimented by the white and red details of the face, making for easy watch reading.

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