The world’s best explorers, chefs, racing car drivers, astronauts, aviators, designers and pioneers of industry can all be tied together by their devotion to the watch. In spite of the technological revolution, they all check the time through the medium of a wristwatch – which is a gentle reminder as to why the watch is still an elegant, fail-safe mechanical instrument for the man of all professions.

We could go on to explain further about what makes the formation of a watch so comforting or the internal mechanisms and range of precious metals that make them so special. But that would be labouring the point. The real point is that there is now such a variety of exquisite luxury watches out there that we always have our eye on purchasing one more. Today, much like the way we purchase sneakers, jeans or outerwear, we like to have a couple of watches in rotation to meet the various needs of everyday life.

So, to help you on the quest for your next timepiece with have picked out five of our favourite watches for under £500 that will look good on any wrist and in any budget. Enjoy the edit below and shop the entire watch collection at OPUMO.

Uniform Wares Brushed Steel / Black Rubber C40 Day Date Watch

It’s nine years now since Patrik Bek and Oliver Fowles set out to shake up the world of watches with the formation of Uniform Wares. The brand has seemingly delivered on that founding promise, as Uniform Wares has made an indelible mark on the industry with its premium timepieces that are characterised by thoughtful design and the finest mechanical components. One of our favourites, the Uniform Wares C40 is a Swiss-made, day-date watch in the brand’s signature C-line case that measures in at a solid, albeit slim, 40mm diameter. Plus, its available in a range of finishes and a range of straps from an adjustable linked steel bracelet to a classic leather strap.

About Vintage White / Steel / Brown 1815 Chronograph Watch

About Vintage may be the newest name to the OPUMO watch category, but it has its heart firmly set in the finest vintage designs. Founded by Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen and Sebastian Skoy Regeser, About Vintage offers a dedicated collection of seven watches that take inspiration from the finest vintage designs, but they feature an array of modern components to ensure they can go the distance. Basically, they offer the best of both worlds, and so does this 1815 Chronograph Watch. Taking its name from the year in which the chronograph was invented, the slim-line watch is carefully designed with quality materials, sapphire glass and beautiful royal blue details. Essentially, the amalgamation of vintage design and modern techniques ensures that the 1815 is a clean and classic timepiece that is the perfectly sized for both smart and casual occasions.




Alludens Patron Steel X Nato Canvas Watch

The principal of Alludens is to master elegant sporting watches and elevate refined sporting design. Which means the brand’s considered, contemporary designs tread the beautifully untapped lined between sporting design and elegant time-telling. The complete balance is achieved through the brushed 316L steel barrel case which houses an elegant dial and clean time-telling detail, and the refined sporting trinity of steel, orange and navy.

Dufa White / Sand Leather Gropius Watch

Taking inspiration from the mid-century modernism of Bauhaus, Dufa creates watches – some of which are named directly after Bauhaus icons – that feature a range of retro dials, curved domes and pocket-watch-inspired rounded bezels. The brand’s vintage approach to contemporary watchmaking makes for an elegant departure from the minimalist trend of timepieces, and in doing so, each of Dufa’s designs represents the best in German style and craftsmanship. Our current favourites, the White / Sand Leather Gropius Watch combines discrete elegance, practicality and genuine watchmaking excellence all wrapped up in a neutral dress watch package.

Black Gilt / Tobacco HMS 001 Watch

BALTIC Tobacco / Black Gilt HMS 001 Watch

It’s been a relatively short, albeit extremely successful, journey so far for BALTIC, who were founded just last year, but one that’s brought them glowing reviews for its neo-vintage watches. Each one of BALTIC’s designs can be considered a little masterpiece of intricate design, drawing on the finest 1940s aesthetics and well-proportioned cases. The Gilt is BALTIC’s latest release and its driven by a Miyota Cal 821 Japanese movement and defined by its striking black dial and gold painted indexes.

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