You can’t go wrong with a minimalist watch. Understated in design and easy to wear with a range of looks, minimalist watches are versatile, fuss-free and guaranteed to look as good now as they will in ten years time. If you're looking to freshen up your watch collection with a classic timepiece that's elegantly understated, you've come to the right place. Scroll on for our pick of the best brands for men's minimalist watches in 2023. But first, a quick explainer...

What is a minimalist watch?

Minimalist watches live up to their name. With their pared back dials, simple straps and lack of extraneous aesthetic detailing, minimalist watches are favoured by those who prefer clean, uncluttered design. 

Usually falling into the category of dress watches, minimalist watches do what watches were designed to do: tell the time. This means they lack any sophisticated complications like world timers or diving bezels, focusing only on what's necessary.

As such, they tend to pair well with similarly refined outfits - think a pared-back uniform of raw denim jeans, penny loafers and overshirt. Or use one to subtly elevate your business-casual look. The beauty of a minimalist watch is that it won't overpower the rest of your ensemble, but will complement it.

Best brands for minimalist watches


Solios is a watch company with a difference. It was founded upon the goal of challenging the status quo of an industry anchored in overconsumption. The brand's watches rely purely on solar power to function. Each timepiece incorporates a solar cell that can hold a power reserve of 6 months after sitting under the sun - or artificial light - for 2 hours. They charge as you go, so you never have to worry about charging or replacing batteries.

In keeping with Solios' thoughtful, sustainably-led design, the entire Solios range adheres to a minimalist aesthetic, to ensure you cherish your timepiece for many years. Choose from elegant mesh or vegan leather straps.

NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte embodies all that we admire about minimalist design. The German brand’s unique design aesthetic incorporates aspects of Bauhaus, which can be seen in the font choice and symmetrical aspects of its dials. 

Each watch is made by hand in Germany, and features an in-house mechanical movement, developed and produced in the mountains in Glashütte, where NOMOS is based. Understated, sophisticated design ensures that a NOMOS timepiece looks great with whatever you choose to wear with it.

VOID Watches

VOID watches keep its designs understated and its prices surprisingly affordable, with the entire range under £500. Another Scandinavian brand with a focus on minimalism and pared back design, VOID produces simple time-only pieces with both leather and mesh bracelet options. 

Alongside its more traditional round cases, VOID is known for its square watches the likes of its V01 and V02 models, which reference classic square designs of the ‘80s, while still maintaining a minimal edge. 


Inspired by Bauhaus design, British watch brand Tapferkeit creates minimalist watches that are made to last. The label's three subtle ranges - FurchtlosFreiheit and Löwenherz - each offer a distinct take on the Tapferkeit aesthetic. 

Choices on dial colours are those that would appeal to the Bauhaus founders. Form follows function remains the dominant ethos, whether your choice is midnight blue, subtle cream, classic white or statement black. Materials are key. High grade stainless steel is used for case construction while glass is anti-reflective domed sapphire. All watches are water resistant.

BALTIC Watches

The beauty of BALTIC Watches – a Paris-based watch brand that draws inspiration from vintage styles – is that it offers something for everyone. While all of its timepieces hark back to a golden age of watchmaking, its models run the gamut from statement-making accessories to clean and considered watches that will subtly enhance any outfit.

Minimalists will be particularly drawn to the HMS 002, an art deco-inspired dress watch with a diameter of 38mm. Its distinctive finish catches the light beautifully, ensuring it doesn't have to shout to be heard – exactly what we're after from a minimalist watch.


Founded in Antwerp in 2009, forward-thinking accessories label KOMONO has garnered a reputation over the years for its meticulously-made and ultra-contemporary sunglasses and watches.

Choose from a wide array of minimalist watch styles. Some of our favourites include the Lewis Monochrome, an elegant timepiece with its strap, case, dial, back-case and buckle all in one single colourway; the functional yet fashionable Ray Solid, with its uniquely textured stainless steel strap; and the Mono Orbit, a super stripped-back watch with a matching translucent silicone strap, PC case and coloured acrylic glass.


Along with the previously mentioned NOMOS Glashütte, Junghans is a key player in the world of German watchmaking. Founded in 1861, the brand is today renowned for its longstanding tradition and pioneering innovations. Attention to detail is at the heart of Junghans, so you can expect expertly made timepieces that will stand the test of time.

Design varies across the different models, but many of Junghans' watches are characterised by a classic, minimalist aesthetic. Take the iconic Max Bill model, for example: its pared-back dial and sleek strap (available in leather or stainless steel) lends it a timeless elegance. It's a true piece of horological artistry that you'll cherish for years.

From belts to bags – these are the minimalist accessories you need.

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