Abate was established upon a simple goal: to create high quality bedding that doesn't break the bank. The Oslo-based brand was founded by Kristian Hesselberg and Leo Axel Rohde, professional pilots who, after years of travelling around the world, sleeping in hotel rooms and battling jet lag, understood the importance of good bedding. A seemingly endless search for well-made bedding at reasonable prices proved fruitless, so they took matters into their own hands.

Abate was finally born in 2016. It was important to Kristian and Leo that they only natural materials and sustainable production methods, so after much research, they settled on a high-quality long-staple Egyptian cotton called Giza cotton. World renowned for its unparalleled softness and durability, Giza cotton is grown around the Nile delta, where the heat and humidity make for ideal growing conditions that result in larger plants, longer fibres and ultimately a stronger and smoother fabric.

In keeping with their commitment to conscious production, Kristian and Leo ensure that all Abate bedding is made in Western Europe, due to the area's longstanding history of traditional craftsmanship and the environmental benefits of transporting locally. The brand only works with family-run factories that treat their employees responsibly and ethically. To keep prices fair, products are shipped straight from the factory, without the involvement of any middlemen. This means lower margins for the company, but prices that reflect the product's true quality and the level of skill involved.

Not only is Abate bedding lovingly and ethically crafted, but it's beautiful to look at and perfect for sprucing up any bedroom thanks to its understated, oh-so-Scandi style. Duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets come in a range of calming neutral hues, including Dark Green, Cool Grey and Dusty Pink. Soft, sustainable and stylish — what's not to love?

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