In a city where the appreciation of space looms larger than in any other city in the world, the proficiency of industrial conversions to protect space and budget alike, are the most common conceptions.  Providing unforeseen and unique living spaces to be comfortably enjoyed for years to come.

The Art Loft in Chai Wan, Hong Kong, surpasses the trend to create an entirely original approach to the integration of space amongst industrial backdrops. The second loft project in Hong Kong by Mass Operations Architects, following the successful template of the proceeding ‘Bachelor’s Loft’,  is driven by the intention to generate better spaces than those available in the city’s dense, residential neighbourhoods.

Successful in succeeding its brief, the pragmatic layout of the Art Loft uses a large concrete dividing wall to separate the living and sleeping areas, with the wall left short of the ceiling in order to allow the precedence of light and ventilation to be shared between the spaces.

With the owner of the Chai Wan Loft a dedicated art collector, the commodity of light was essential to the success of the interior. Wishing to display art and books, while also being able to entertain guests in a spacious and comfortable setting with views of the city, the build uses opening and closing elements that lend themselves to the aforementioned desires of the home owner.

The kitchen can be opened or closed by large sliding partitions that double as blackboard to create a dynamic public living area, displaying the intricate relationship of space and functionality. Elsewhere, the bedroom uses a curtain façade to hide and reveal the wardrobe, which in turn drastically changes the character of the space from a standard bedroom in to a walk in wardrobe, without sacrificing space for either.

Completing the minimalist, adaptable interior, the industrial edge of the structure is bought to fruition through the implementation of scraped beams and columns which reveal the original concrete, piping and machinery of the space to provide a sense of rustic nostalgia.

Industry breeds ingenuity courtesy of the enigmatic Art Loft by Mass Operations Architects.

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