The perfect hoodie is the go-to wardrobe essential, a friend for cooler days, perfect for slouching, yet easily dressed up with a jacket. Sheep Inc.'s range of hoodies do all of that - and then take things a step further. Thanks to this young label's unique environmental ethos, every hoodie bought contributes in its own small way to helping the planet. Sounds too good to be true? Just ask the sheep.

This isn't the usual green bleating. Let's start with the hoodies themselves. Construction is 100% merino wool, the softest available, shorn using the most humane methods from flocks of New Zealand sheep, among the best wool producers in the world. The knitting process uses solar power and is, says Sheep Inc, zero waste. A removable NFC tag - readable on your smartphone - traces the wool to the farm where it originates and will update you on how the flock is doing.

The result of all of this is simple: a perfectly judged hoodie with a relaxed fit made from the wool of contented sheep, and one which contributes to Sheep Inc's aim to be the first carbon negative clothing company. The idea is that each hoodie helps, rather than harms, the planet. Five percent of all revenues go to what Sheep Inc call "regenerative projects".

All of this would be as of nothing without the excellence of the finished hoodie. And believe us, these are excellent hoodies. There's a wide range of standard colourways, plus seasonal limited editions all with the soft and authentic feel of the highest quality wool. Right now these might just be our favourite hoodies, but don't listen to us, just listen out for what the flock thinks.