The original Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is a legend in its own time - and now restomod specialists Banyan Motors are taking classic versions of these indestructible off-roaders and giving them “modern manners”, as they put it. Choose from soft or hard top and a wide array of options to create your personal Banyan Motors G-Wagon ready for just about any occasion, from go-anywhere adventuring to Chelsea cruising.

Each Banyan Motors G-Wagon is constructed to individual order in Stuttgart, home of Mercedes-Benz themselves. Basis is what’s technically known as a Puch 230GE, built under licence from Mercedes chiefly for the military in a variety of European countries from the early 1990s onwards. These are basic machines, so the Banyan Motors rebuild is both comprehensive and transformative.

American G-Wagon fans Wells Childress and Peter-James Conley founded Banyan Motors with the aim of “breathing new life into each of these vehicles with modern-day comforts”. Each ex-military G-Wagon is reimagined by Banyan Motors, retaining external look and under-the-skin ruggedness, but adding more than a touch of contemporary luxury. Result is what amounts to a G-Wagon restomod: an undoubted classic vehicle, with none of the pain of owning an old car. Ordering is akin to commissioning a brand new 4x4, using the handy Banyan Motors online configurator. Be warned: it’s an almost addictive process.

Start by considering external colour way, from a choice of 35 bespoke shades. We’re keen on the utility-signalling Brewster Green, but perhaps you’ll prefer bold Arles Blue? Interior leather options will keep you up at night too. Classic Dark Oxblood? Eye-catching Olive? And don’t get us started on whether or not to go for the wood-rimmed steering wheel on our G-Wagon.

Banyan Motors are more than about superficial restoration, however. There are serious off-road options available, such as a winch, brush guard, suspension lifts, roof-mounted LED strip, headlight guards, tough roof rack and even a snorkel to keep the G-Wagen’s engine breathing while you’re out mud-plugging.

All of this does not come cheap. They are offering what amounts to a bespoke service, after all. And while pricing matches the tailored nature of the product, you’re unlikely to see another Banyan Motors G-Wagon like yours on the road. Put aside around £150,000 - depending on extravagance of options - and invite us along for the ride when you pick yours up, please.

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