Birkenstock has become such a household name that this storied German company's signature two-strap sandals are simply known by the brand name: they're Birkenstocks, pure and simple. Key is the cork footbed to every pair of sandals, and that’s now fitted to a range of sneakers, boots and regular shoes. Idea is that your feet will be uniquely well-supported and it's this form-follows-function approach that’s made Birkenstock footwear so effortlessly stylish.

The Birkenstock heritage dates back more than 125 years to Konrad Birkenstock's crafting of the first contoured insole to be fitted to existing shoes. It took until 1964 for the company he founded to produce their own footwear, in the form of the first Birkenstock sandals. They were an instant hit as Konrad's grandson Karl Birkenstock led what was no less than a footwear revolution, aimed above all at support and comfort. This single-minded vision has meant that the look is fashion-free and has endured over the decades.

With its orthopaedic heritage, Birkenstock is exacting when it comes to sizing. The label's footwear is made to EU standards, so if you are used to UK or US sizes you'll need to use our guide to convert. Additionally - and unusually - all of their footwear has narrow and regular width options. The idea is that your foot should sit within the famous Birkenstock footbed. If in doubt on this - or indeed any other aspect of Birkenstock sizing - why not order two pairs of your chosen Birkenstock style to find your perfect personal fit?

Birkenstock sizing & fit notes

  • For optimum space at the heel, there should be approximately 5mm between the heel and the footbed edge
  • For optimum space at the toes, there should be approximately 10mm between the toes and the footbed edge
  • If your toes touch the edge of the footbed or if they jut out over it, the sandal is too small
  • If there’s too much space at the toes and the heel, the sandal is too big
  • If the balls of the feet or the toes jut out over the edge at the sides, the sandal is too narrow
  • Be sure to adjust the straps for ultimate comfort
  •  Don’t wear your new sandals longer than a few hours at a time in order to break them in slowly

Birkenstock size chart

Men's Birkenstock size chart

Birkenstock (Eu) sizeUK sizeUS size

Women's Birkenstock size chart

Birkenstock (Eu) sizeUK sizeUS size

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