If ever there was an ocean-going vessel that demands that you wear black tie, it’s this extraordinary black boat from Brabus, best known for their transformative work on high-end Mercedes Benz automobiles. The - deep breath - Shadow 1200 XC Cross Cabin Black Ops Signature Edition is the latest offering from Brabus Marine, established, as the company puts it, "to redefine luxury day boating through a range of ultra-exclusive and exciting powerboats”. Stealth looks, as you can see, are a big part of the story of this particular matte black boat, so your black tie might mark you out as the next James Bond. No bad thing, in our book.

Being Brabus, this black boat is way more than a coat of paint, however. Made in association with award-winning Finnish experts Axopar Boats - the Mercedes-Benz of the piece - the Shadow 1200 XC Cross Cabin Black Ops is powered by three 400 bhp 5.7L V10 Mercury Racing engines, which we’re guessing make the perfect soundtrack to your next vodka martini. If not, upscale specialists JL provide the audio to the five social spaces inside the black boat, including a front lounge with - of course - gullwing doors. Alter the mood with dimmable LED lighting to the decks and to illuminate the sea around you.

Carbon fibre is a Brabus signature in all of its motoring work and is very much part of the interior detailing story here, along with hand-stitched Brabus leather to owner’s specification. There’s space for 12 on board with up to four sleeping berths. Class-leading power - the 45-foot black boat’s capable of 55 knots, or 70 mph - requires latest marine technology, featuring what Brabus call an "Intelligent Steering Module”, with Simrad navigational displays so you won’t get lost en route to St Tropez.

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