Bags do a lot for us and that’s why we have a different one for every outcome. Work = briefcase. Shopping = Tote Bag. Weekend = Backpack. For a long-time, these conventions of luggage have been set in stone. No man shall go to work in anything but a square leather briefcase. And by the same token, no man shall carry a bag that has handles longer than a holdall. Thankfully, times change and design evolves, but one brand that is aiming to push the conventions of bag design even further is Carl Friedrik.

Five years ago two brothers, Niklas and Mattis Oppermann, founded Carl Friedrik and in that time the understated men’s accessory label has quietly been forging ahead as a supplier of beautifully crafted leather goods with a uniquely modern, well-built twist. There’s no revolutionary undertone to it all, though. Like all good ideas, the brand was born out of a problem. “Not being able to find the right laptop case for my brother back then led to the start of Carl Friedrik,” explains Mattis Oppermann.

It’s a relatively simple mission statement that the two brothers have managed to stay loyal to, and help turn people’s focus from the ordinary briefcase that they’ve been carrying for too long to consider something better-looking and longer-lasting. Not to mention tech accessories, card wallets and holdalls too. Effectively Carl Friedrik updates every single piece of carrying equipment you'll need. Or as they put it, “a range of modern products made with some of the finest materials and offered at attainable prices."

Having just launched online at OPUMO, we saw it as the perfect time to introduce you to Carl Friedrik and pick out four of our favourite bags and accessories from the latest collection. So, whether you’re looking for a hand in work or leisure, investing in one of these Carl Friedrik bags is destined to lead to a lifetime full of devotion.

Carl Friedrik 2

Fango Brown Walton 12” Macbook Sleeve

You’ve bought your new tech case, it’s all smiles and easy-going at first. Things flow naturally without a thought or care in the world. However, over time, use and dependency, things grow a little thin and things generally don’t work how they used to before. We are, of course, referring to the inevitable fraying and zip-breaking of a laptop case. All those problems cease to exist with the Carl Friedrik Walton Macbook Sleeve. Slim-line and refined to offer quick access and added protection, the minimalist sleeve features a single compartment accessible from the top and a small area on the sides has been left open to make it easy to pull out smoothly. It’s also been made in Naples from a small factory that specialises in small leather goods its sure to age gracefully over time, too.

Fango Brown Swanfield Leather Card Wallet

When it comes to wallets most of us fall into two categories. We are either in favour of the classic bi-fold or the slimmer, more simplistic cardholder. But the great thing about the Swanfield Leather Card Wallet is that it treads the line pretty perfectly between both. The refined proportions and considered allows the Simple Slim Wallet to hold cards, cash and coins while remaining compact and pocket sized.

Carl Friedrik 3

Carl Friedrik 4

Chocolate iPhone Case

If we’re being honest a phone case is the type of item that you don’t truly appreciate, or you don’t think you really need, until you have one. That’s because, although you may not think so, something so simple can really be so effective and Carl Friedrik is intent on providing everyone with an understated and effective solution to protecting your precious iPhone. The simplistic design of this iPhone case has been developed using premium leather with folded edges and a microfibre lining; your initials can also be embossed onto the outside of fine leather if you’re into that kind of thing, too.

Black / Orange Vallance Briefcase

It’s not just our working habits that are becoming more flexible; the same can also be said for the universal ‘going-to-work’ accessory – the briefcase, which has adopted a sleeker, slimmer and softer silhouette in recent years. Take this Vallance Briefcase as an example; cut from Carl Friedrik’s signature vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather for a beautiful shine, the modern-day briefcase is finished in a smaller, more diminutive size for easy transportation. While the neatly designed compartments, zippers and pockets ensures the bag has plentiful space to store all your work essentials.

Carl Friedrik 5

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