When it comes to men’s underwear, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Due to them not usually being on show, there’s little reason to pay hefty sums for limited edition prints, for example. The price tag mirrors, almost exactly, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. It’s odd then that most men will opt for a cheap multipack of boxers over something more substantial, durable and comfortable, despite their vast day-to-day importance; a great pair of boxer shorts can make a day, while a bad pair has the power to render a day completely unbearable. One of our newest arrivals is CDLP underwear, a brand which certainly falls on the premium side of men’s underwear, but why? Here’s a run down of the brand and why its products have the power to make your day.

CDLP overview

Founded in 2014, CDLP is a design company born in Stockholm, Sweden. Specialising in luxury essentials such as underwear, swimwear and homewear, the label has made quite a splash with its cocktail of premium materials, expert tailoring, minimal aesthetic and focus on sustainability. We are proud to announce that CDLP underwear is now available at OPUMO, so proud that we took some time out to review their premium men’s boxer shorts.


CDLP prides itself on the materials used to create its underwear and we can see why. Each pair is crafted using Lyocell, a fabric that requires less water, land and chemicals than cotton to manufacture. We’ve seen a lot of Lyocell over recent years, but few examples have been as soft as CDLP. Akin to silk, the material is breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and quick-drying – essentially everything that you might look for in your underwear.

Navy Blue Boxer Brief
Navy Blue Boxer Brief


All CDLP products are designed in the label’s Stockholm atelier with the primary value of understated luxury. Designed for function before form, the exact pattern making and expert tailoring shines – the boxers keep their shape wash after wash and offer unparalleled comfort.


While the classic Lyocell pairs are refreshingly soft, lightweight and breathable and we recommend the set of three basic colours, there is no beating CDLP’s Sea Island Cotton Boxer Shorts. Sea Island cotton is the world’s rarest and most luxurious cotton and you can feel every fibre of it: unimaginably soft, we can’t see ourselves ever finding a comfier pair than this.

Burgundy Boxer Brief

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