A great Ferrari doesn't have to shout its intentions. This delicate 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Series II Coupé has aristocratic styling to offset the brutal power of the V12 that lurks beneath its graceful bonnet.


This was the moment that Enzo Ferrari decided his company's road cars were more than just a sideline from the main business of racing. Pininfarina came up with the discreet coachwork and Enzo Ferrari himself was pictured with this example at Monza in 1961.


The 250 GT Coupé is finished in white, after a period colour change which successive keepers elected to retain. Red leather to the spacious interior shows attractive patina and there are two strictly occasional rear seats. Overall, however, practicality and comfort were priorities, a Ferrari first. There's plenty of luggage room for that trip to Cannes.

The styling may be restrained but the Coupé is good for 140 mph when its V12 is fully extended. Have no doubt, this is one formidable sports machine. A supercar by stealth.

This sublimely elegant Ferrari is set to be sold by Bonhams at the Padua auction on October 27th and they estimate that £470,000 to £560,000 will buy you this masterpiece of under-stated luxury.

For full auction information, head to the Bonhams website.

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