The bulging wheel arches speak of its intent. This 1973 Ford Escort RS1600 is no ordinary Escort but one of just 1,200 built as homologation specials - and it could be in your garage.

In fiery Sebring Red, this RS1600 has an appearance to match its abilities. Magnesium wheels are to correct specification. Under the bonnet, the BDG Millington engine is mated to a Quaife four speed gearbox. Inside there's a period fly-off handbrake. There's no creature comforts present.


The RS1600 was a huge success for Ford, winning the gruelling East African Safari Rally and three RAC Rallies in Britain. Some of the greats of world rallying - Roger Clark and Hannu Mikkola among them - won famous victories in RS1600s.

This example is prepared to Group 2 specifications, with 250bhp on tap, ideal for your forays into historic rallying. Be ready for what one road tester called a "howl like a hyena" and a kick "like a cheetah" as you floor the accelerator.

Specialist Ford Escort prices have spiralled higher and higher in recent years. Konzept Heritage of Lisbon are selling this RS1600 for £86,000. Raw, authentic and worth every penny.

For more information, head to the Konzept Heritage of Lisbon website.

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