As broad-shouldered as its era, this ultra-rare 1987 Porsche 930 Slantnose is from a time when nothing exceeded like excess. Now up for auction, it represents an unusual opportunity to put the best of the 1980s in your driveway.

Porsche added the Slantnose option to its 911 Turbo range as a homage to the success of its Porsche 935 race car. Saudi tycoon and Porsche race sponsor Mansour Ojjeh asked the company to create a street legal version of the 935. The Slantnose was the result.

Auctioneers Gooding & Company have yet to list an estimate for the Slantnose. Don't expect much, if any, change from £100,000.

With a black leather interior to complement the exterior coachwork, there's nothing subtle about this Porsche. Massively flared wheel arches and tea tray rear spoiler are, in the Porsche fashion, strictly functional: serving the power of the turbo charged flat six lurking beneath the rear bonnet.

The Slantnose's odometer suggests just over 7,000 miles covered, so it's barely run in. Expect to reach 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and hold your breath for the 171-mph top speed. On your nearest autobahn, of course.

For full auction information, head to the Gooding & Company website.

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