In 1978, French fashion designers Marithé and François Girbau founded Closed, a denim brand that very quickly garnered a cult following. '80s icons like Tupac Shakur, George Michael and Will Smith all embraced the German brand's unique Italian-made denim styles, characterised by its signature fly label and iconic X-Pockets set at a 33-degree angle.

Fast forward over 40 years later and Closed continues to go from strength to strength, constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of design and construction. Now owned by Hamburg-based business partners and friends Til Nadler, Gordon Giers and Hans Redlefsen, the brand represents a fusion of French imagination, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition. Having worked with the same Italian manufacturing partner – Candiani Denim – for decades, Closed promises uncompromising quality, the key to its enduring success.

While its roots lie in denim, Closed has expanded its offering over the years to incorporate a variety of men's and women's garments that include everything from essential tees and sweatshirts to ultra-cosy knits. Everything it produces is imbued with a relaxed feel and timeless aesthetic. Endlessly versatile and easy to wear, these are everyday staples at their very best, made to stand the test of time – as they have evidently done since 1978.

Perhaps most impressive, particularly given current concerns about the environment, is Closed's commitment to sustainability. While it acknowledges that it's not an eco-label, the brand is constantly looking to the future, exercising innovation in everything it does – from working with eco-friendly and organic fabrics to using 100% recycled packaging. Believing firmly in transparency, Closed offers all of its products at fair, honest prices, revealing why its garments cost the prices they do. With 80% of its range manufactured in Europe, it can keep delivery channels short and ecological standards high. 

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