Year: 1976 | Built by: Analog Motorcycles

This classic 1970s BMW R90/6 looks fairly standard to the untrained eye, but those with a passion for BMW motorcycles will instantly notice that it’s anything but. 

Built by Analog Motorcycles, this classic bike has been brought up to the 21st century in style, enhancing many design details that make it cool while updating its performance tenfold. 

It may not look it at first glance, but the bike’s engine has been completely rebuilt by Motoworks Chicago. Its list of additions include a Siebenrock 1000cc kit, a Mikuni round slide carb conversion, a lightened flywheel, a K&N air filter and drilled out air box plus Boyer Branson electronic ignition. They combine to create a more reliable ride, while the added quickness gives a noticeable difference to the original 1976 bike. 

It’s the bike’s looks that will turn heads though. While maintaining that classic BMW R-series silhouette, Analog has managed to inject a bunch of fresh new details that only improve the way it looks. A number of custom-made parts include the front and rear fender, the battery box and seat, the speedo mount welded to the headlight as well as the aluminium headlight mounts. 

The black paint with silver pinstripes by Artistimo is the finishing touch, completing this subtle yet thorough custom BMW R90/6. As tasteful as it gets, this head-turner will have even the most oem-loving BMW owners wishing it was theirs. 

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