Didonè Comacchio Architects’ Interior DR is situated in the picturesque Venetian countryside of Rosà, Italy. This bright, modern restoration is a departure from the ancient surroundings on first look, but it’s got more in common with the area than you might imagine.


Built in the early 20th century and restored in the early 2000s, this property has history. The history has been enhanced in its most recent renovation, with aspects like the heavy larch beams and original stone and brick structural walls taking centre stage once more.


Alongside these historical features you’ll find some modern flair as well. The floors of the ground floor are made of polished oriental stone, giving a clean overall aesthetic and providing a neutral foundation that benefits the style of the property.

Modern touches like the living room’s OSB panelling backlit by an LED strip and the angular solid oak dining table bring the space into the 21st century with confidence and style.

Photography by Alberto Sinigaglia

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