Is this 2022's first must-have? This audacious range of high-end luggage teams one of the world's leading rap stars with a 125 year old British company. Each piece is hand made by Globe-Trotter, the suitcase choice of Prime Ministers and celebrities since Victorian times. There is nothing Victorian about this collection. It's the result of an unlikely collaboration with GOLF le FLEUR, the luxury lifestyle brand launched by the rap superstar Tyler, the Creator. The results, we think you'll agree, are like nothing else you'll see at the luggage carousel at Heathrow - or on your private jet to Barbados.

Tyler, the Creator is a long time fan of Globe-Trotter, so when looking for a collaboration beyond GOLF le FLEUR's first, with the American shoe company Converse, the traditional British luggage maker was a more natural fit than you might at first imagine. The look takes on the signature bright colours of GOLF le FLEUR and includes the Suitcase, the more compact Small Attache and the wearable London Square. Playful accessories are available, including a passport sleeve with text that reads: “For the sun seekers who flew the coup. It’s sugar in the air, so keep your eyes wide. Call me if you get lost. Welcome to the disco."

 Tyler, the Creator has featured the Globe-Trotter x GOLF le FLEUR collection on stage at the Lollapalooza festival and at the BET music awards. The history of this venerable British brand, its authenticity and craftsmanship is all part of the attraction to the young GOLF le FLEUR brand. Celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, Globe-Trotter pioneered vulcanised fibreboard, still valued today for its lightness and durability.  Globe-Trotter proudly uses not only the original techniques but the actual machinery it’s employed since Victorian times. All production of the Globe-Trotter x GOLF le FLEUR range, like everything else that bears the Globe-Trotter name, is by hand, in Britain.

 From Winston Churchill to David Beckham and now Tyler the Creator, Globe-Trotter's list of distinguished clients reads likes a who's who of political and celebrity culture. This eye-catching collaboration with GOLF le FLEUR, speaking very much of the cutting-edge 2020s, has effortlessly taken Globe-Trotter's classic luggage into the future - and beyond. Now, where's that passport?

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