The use of concrete as a design feature to help create eloquent, contemporary living quarters has previously been neglected. However, new found appreciation for its minimalist, yet striking demure has made it the most abundantly used material today. And this is why.

Grigio House, the latest project from Apollo Architects, is yet another striking example of fusing raw concrete with ground-breaking design.

Created as a family home, the house blends practical city living with the occupants’ interests of contemporary art and cars.

It is clear that Grigio house abides by its brief opulently as the house features a sheltered parking area containing enough space to keep two cars protected from the elements, while all rooms are filled with indirect natural light- aptly suited for displaying of art.

Located in a quiet residential area in Tokyo’s Setagaya district, the 145-square-metre house comprises of three storeys- two residing above ground and another one at basement level. The reinforced concrete structure, left exposed for a rustic, urban appeal completes the house with a contemporary look both inside and out.

A secluded courtyard is located in the south-east corner of the plot, with the space gliding from ground-level to a sunken basement floor; ensuring plenty of daylight filters in to the building.

The house itself is something altogether more unique than just a family residence, per say, as the astute relationship of space, light and living are equally adorned to create an ideal blend of spacious, city living.

‘This living space, which resembles a small art museum in a city, also functions as a system to travel back and forth between the ordinary and extraordinary,” explains Satoshi Kurosaki, architect and founder of Apollo Architects.

The spirit of modern innovation runs deep throughout Grigio House, which has careful nods to both the needs of family life and the self expression of 21st century architecture. Rarely do both succeed so succinctly.