Like it or not, working from home is the new normal, so it's about time you upgraded your interiors to reflect this. Your flimsy make-shift desk and that kitchen chair just aren't cutting it anymore – you need a dedicated workspace that's comfortable, conducive to efficiency and – it should go without saying – stylish. This is where Hem comes in. The Swedish furniture label is renowned for its innovative designs that fuse cutting-edge style with forward-thinking functionality. One of its latest designs, the Kendo Swivel Chair, only confirms this reputation.

Of course, Hem's take on the humble desk chair – a furniture item far too often overlooked – was always going to be impressive. The genius of the Kendo Swivel Chair is in its unassuming design. Created in collaboration with Italian design studio LucidiPevere, the wool-upholstered Kendo doesn't look anything like the clunky, oversized desk chairs that pervade city offices. Instead, it's sleek and simple, imbued with a minimalist Scandi aesthetic.

Such style doesn't preclude the Kendo from possessing functionality. Quite the opposite, in fact. An ergonomic seating experience is the result of a soft, wrap-around upper and generous seat, so you can be guaranteed day-long comfort, no matter how many video calls you may have to sit through. Choose from a 4-star or 5-star leg base: the 4-star base incorporates a return function to keep the chairs perfectly aligned around a table when not in use, while the 5-star base has a height adjustable mechanism. Both are 360° rotational to allow you to move freely, with a sturdy welded frame to ensure the chair will last the distance. Finally, your working from home woes are solved.

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