The start of a new year offers the perfect opportunity for an interior refresh, and there's never been a better time – given that we're all spending a lot more time at home these days – to invest ourselves in upgrading our living spaces. But where exactly to start? We happen to have a few ideas. From concrete lighting to art deco furniture, these are the interior trends to stay on top of in 2023.

Grey furnishings

One of Pantone's colours for 2021 is 'Ultimate Grey', so we imagine we'll be seeing a lot more grey hues in home interiors. One of the best ways to integrate grey into a room without overpowering it is through soft furnishings like blankets and cushions. This understated grey duvet set from Beddable will work beautifully with just about any style of decor.

Smart heating

Smart home technology is having a moment, and that doesn't look set to change anytime soon. One name that's paving the way for smart tech is KOLEDA. Its revolutionary Solus+ electric infrared heater is designed to heat your home quickly and efficiently, offering realtime spend monitoring, smart scheduling and zonal heating.

Concrete lighting

Industrial-style lighting has been trending for a few years now, and we expect it will only get bigger in 2023, thanks to its versatile nature and sleek aesthetic. No matter the setting or interior style, concrete lighting, such as this minimalist pendant light from GANTLights, always happens to look great. Mix and match different heights, colours and shapes for an eclectic yet tasteful approach.

Line art

We're predicting a return to simplicity in art. Bold lines, understated colour palettes and simple forms offer a sense of calm, which is why line art will be one of the major interior trends of 2023. Look to artists like Peytil for simple yet beautiful line-based prints that will upgrade any room without overpowering it.

Emphasis on the home office

With working from home now a reality for more of us than ever, the home office is an integral space that deserves significant attention. Put away that flimsy foldable desk and kitchen chair and invest in sturdy and stylish workspace solutions that will enhance your WFH experience. Take Hem's Kendo swivel chair for example – ergonomically designed and built to last, it's an elegant and comfortable home office addition.

Art deco style furniture

A century on from its heyday, art deco style is making a comeback. This time around though, rather than straight old-school glamour, we're seeing a blend of old and modern elements – perfectly encapsulated by this unique drinks trolley from Swoon, which fuses marble, mango wood and metallics.

Statement rugs

Now is the time to embrace bold prints and rich colours, particularly when it comes to what's underfoot. A statement rug will make all the difference to a bland living space, immediately bringing it to life. We love this vibrant blue rug from Polkra, which is handwoven in India according to traditional craftsmanship techniques.

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