If you’re looking to upgrade your home office space, there are plenty of ways it can be done. A work space you enjoy spending time in can be conducive to motivation and a willingness to work harder, so it pays to put effort into your desk set-up. 

From correct lighting to mood-enhancing wall art, it can be done both subtly and with a complete overhaul. Here are seven items that will instantly upgrade your home office. 

Unique desk accessories: Beyond Object

If you’re looking to jazz up your desk, few brands are better than Beyond Object. Making every day items exciting, the brand specialises in quirky design and incredible detailing. Simple objects such as pencil sharpeners and tape dispensers are rendered as sculptures, adding a point of different to your desk while making basic tasks a pleasure to do.

Leather desk mats: Carl Friedrik 

We’ve waxed lyrical plenty of times about Carl Freidrik’s luggage options, from suitcases to weekend bags, but the brand has recently ventured into desk accessories, from mouse pads to desk mats. Using its signature vegetable-tanned leather, which has been hand-stitched and burnished, its desk mats are the finishing touch you didn’t know you needed. 

Artwork: Wall of Art

A work of art, whether it’s photography, a contemporary painting or a print, can really elevate any room of the house. For a home office it too can make all the difference - use it to add a pop of colour or just to simply gaze into for inspiration during a moment of rest. Wall of Art stocks a wide range of emerging artists work, and is the perfect stop for those looking to invest in art for the first time.

Overhead lights: GANTlights

Lighting can make all the difference to the ambience of a room, and the home office is no different. A well lit room can improve productivity and is therefore perhaps the most crucial element of a home office. For this we’d turn to GANTlights, a German based company that specialises in the production of concrete lighting. Its simple, handmade pendant lights are a great starting point, and will add an industrial edge to a home office space. 

Wall lights: Industville 

For wall lights, few brands do it better than Industville. The London-based brand makes use of metal - from brass to pewter - in its designs, which hark back to the golden age of 20th century industry. Look out for its swan neck cage lights, which are incredibly easy to integrate into virtually any space.

Plant pots: Vitamin

Plants and foliage should never be underestimated when it comes to interior design. They give life to any room and not only look good but improve the air quality too. Designed specifically for small plants, Vitamin’s IV plant pot is an ideal addition to the home office. The unique design ensures your chosen plant is constantly fed water when it’s needed, meaning manual watering is a thing of the past. 

Futuristic heaters: KOLEDA 

For a more elaborate upgrade to your office space, a KOLEDA heater will surely do the trick. Recognising that home heating has barely changed for decades, KOLEDA wanted to offer a new solution, and with its high tech, smartphone-controlled heaters, it’s done exactly that. Designed to seamlessly fit into any room, a KOLEDA heater is a contemporary option that will bring your work space bang up to date. 

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