The debate over which bag is the most useful is a ferocious one. One team says that the canvas tote bag is the only carrier they need, others champion the men’s backpack while the only other real contender is the men’s weekend travel bag. At OPUMO, we’ve weighed up the options, argued long and hard for each side, and deemed that the men’s weekend duffle bag has to be the winner. Everything that the backpack and tote bag can do, so can the weekender bag. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best men’s luxury weekend bags.

Mismo M/S A-Bag 

Who better to kick things off with than Mismo? The Copenhagen-based brand has become a leading name in the world of men’s luggage courtesy of its straightforward, functional and durable designs that showcase only what is necessary. You can be sure that any bag worthy of the Mismo label has earned it through fine materials, minimal Scandinavian design and meticulous attention to detail.

The Mismo M/S A-Bag is the perfect overnight travel bag for men. Whether you’re making a trip to the gym, heading to work or getting away for a weekend, the A-Bag is large enough to house your valuables while complying to airline cabin restrictions. Vegetable-tanned, full-grain bridle leather trims feature gun-metal buckles for handle adjustment. The highlight of this minimal men’s holdall is the heavy-duty, waterproof ballistic nylon construction that promises to keep everything safe and bone dry no matter what the weather.

  1. Natural Card Wallet
  2. Midnight Blue / Cuoio M/S Avail Weekend Bag
  3. Coal / Black M/S Day Pack
  4. Deep Blue / Black M/S Washbag
  5. Coal / Black Shuttle Bag
  6. Army / Dark Brown M/S Soft Work Bag
  7. Tabac / Khaki M/S Vigour Bag
  8. Navy / Dark Brown M/S Brief Bag
  9. Sand Waves / Dark Brown Shuttle Bag
  10. Army / Cuoio M/S Endeavour
  11. Sand Waves / Dark Brown M/S Seaside Bag
  12. Black / Black M/S Card Holder
  13. Navy / Dark Brown M/S Shuttle Bag
  14. Blue / Black M/S Moonlight Passage Bag
  15. Black / Black Large Leather Pouch

Property Of… Karl 48h Travel Backpack

We know what you’re thinking: that’s not a men’s weekend bag. To that, we say open your mind. The Property Of… Karl 48h Travel Backpack may not take the same shape as the traditional men’s weekender bag, but at its core it fits squarely into the genre. 

This men’s weekend holdall is crafted from polyester made out of recycled PET bottles and features a whole host of functional features. A roll-top closure means that you can adjust the size of this travel backpack to suit your needs, and when the bag is on your back – held in place by padded shoulder straps – the roll-top closure is ideal for quick repacks. Off on a longer trip? Pack Karl like a suitcase by unzipping the padded back panel.

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Steele & Borough The Biker Weekender 

Using its founders’ years of experience in the luxury accessories industry, Steele & Borough presents an exciting development for men’s bags. Using the finest vegan leather, Steele & Borough bags offer the best in luxury design with the affordability of fast fashion. 

The Biker Weekender is a classic black weekender bag for men. This is a no-fuss, premium overnight travel bag: the large interior is supplemented with an interior zip pocket and the outside features an open side pocket. Steele & Borough is set apart by its attention to detail, and its features like the drawstring bag for towels or shoes that prove this brand’s desire to go the extra mile.

We can't find products matching the selection.

Utility Archive Range Travel Backpack 55L 

We’ve already shown that men’s weekend bags come in all shapes and sizes, so we had to include Utility Archive’s Range Travel Backpack. Yes, the word backpack is in the name, but who says that a travel backpack for men can’t also be a weekend bag?

Utility Archive is the result of Adam Atkinson’s career designing luxury bags for some of the industry’s biggest names. Combining his know-how with a love of the outdoors has formed Utility Archive, which now offers some of the best weekender bags for men. The Range Travel Backpack is a lightweight on-board travel bag made of 100% recycled waterproof materials that can stand up to anything – we’ve tested them. 

  1. Lichen Tor Flap 25L Backpack
  2. Basalt Range Travel 55L Backpack
  3. Lichen Fold Roll Small 16L Backpack
  4. Fjord Fell Zip 30L Basalt Backpack
  5. Clay Fold Roll Large 28L Backpack
  6. Ore Range Travel 55L Backpack
  7. Lichen Fell Zip 30L Basalt Backpack
  8. Ore Tor Flap 25L Backpack
  9. Lichen Range Travel 55L Backpack
  10. Basalt Arc 4L Utility Pack
  11. Lichen Fold Roll Large 28L Backpack
  12. Fjord Tor Flap 25L Backpack

Carl Friedrik Palissy Weekend Bag

Carl Friedrik was founded in 2012 when brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann realised the lack of well-designed, high-quality men’s leather accessories on the market. Almost a decade later and Carl Friedrik offers a comprehensive collection of leather card holder wallets, men’s leather briefcases and lightweight cabin suitcases

The Carl Friedrik Palissy Weekend Bag is an essential item. This men’s leather weekend bag is crafted from Italian Vachetta leather and features a heavy-duty Raccagni zipper that you can trust with your load. Made just outside Naples, Italy by a small team of artisans, every Carl Friedrik men’s leather bag sits at the pinnacle of artisanal design.

  1. Black 12" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  2. Chocolate / Grey Vallance Briefcase
  3. Chocolate / Orange Palissy Weekend Bag
  4. Cognac / Red Palissy Briefcase
  5. Cognac 15" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  6. Navy / Grey Palissy Briefcase
  7. Black / Grey Palissy Weekend Bag
  8. Navy / Grey Palissy 25 HR Briefcase
  9. Brass / Black Blade Belt
  10. Black 16" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  11. Black / Grey Palissy Briefcase
  12. Black / Grey Vallance Briefcase

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