The unpredictability of the English summer is a fact known the world over. Only one thing is less predictable: autumn. Perhaps you’ll wake up to the sound of birds tweeting and the sun shining through the branches of a tree gracefully shedding its leaves. Perhaps you’ll wake up to torrential rain battering your windows and pavements littered with perilously slippery wet leaves. When the weather is as uncertain as we’re used to, it can make life more difficult than is necessary: routes to work have to be assessed each morning, plans altered and – until you read this article – shoes changed. It’s important to maintain a constant in your routine and this has been taken care of by the innovative designers at ETQ Amsterdam.

Maintaining the feeling of luxury while catering to practicalities is a feat that few labels have mastered but ETQ Amsterdam’s newest offerings continue a streak of impressive collections based around core models that have been updated and altered to align with the season. Chunky soles and technical uppers insinuate that this premium footwear is made for more than show. Here are three pairs of ETQ Amsterdam shoes that we’ll be rotating, carefree, this season.


ETQ Amsterdam Charcoal CB 01 Chelsea Boots

Crafted from premium Italian suede and a calfskin leather lining, ETQ Amsterdam’s CB 01 shows a more mature approach to premium men’s footwear. The narrow upper is double-stitched to a natural crepe outsole for comfort and durability. When the weather picks up, opt for a boot, but make sure you’re protecting the luxurious suede uppers – find out more later.


ETQ Amsterdam Black DS 01 Sneakers

A new style for the Dutch label, DS 01 shows a brand that understands how to continuously develop without changing its core style. Full-grain nappa leather uppers lend the shoe a distinct sophistication while the chunky welted outsole promises performance on tricky terrain. This may be the shoe of Autumn 2020.


ETQ Amsterdam White LT 04 Rubberised Sneakers

The LT 04 style has proven its worth over past seasons, returning each time slightly reinvented but equally as popular. This time, the silhouette sees a water-repellent rubberised leather update for Autumn/Winter 2019. Layered leather insoles and a TPU outsole provide comfort and resilience to the elements.

How to protect your ETQs

We’re often asked how to properly protect new suedes and leathers. With so many products on the market, it’s difficult to know which actually work. At OPUMO, we swear by Sneakers ER. With all ingredients sourced locally and responsibly in Glasgow, the brand offer the possibility of protection, cleaning and even the revival of forgotten pairs. Our essential item is a simple two-piece kit.

Sneakers ER Premium Sneaker Protection Kit

As soon as you receive your Autumn/Winter footwear shipment, pop the top off your new Sneakers ER superhydrophobic protector and spray your shoes from 15 cm away. Work the solution into the shoes with the 100% horsehair brush provided.

The eco-friendly, non-toxic formula is perfect for all materials from delicate suedes to hard leathers and repels all liquids, making a simple wipe a sufficient cleaning process. The horsehair brush will not scratch leathers and is soft enough to work the solution into suede nap.

In tandem, ETQ Amsterdam and Sneakers ER are unfazed by the insecurity of Autumn. Wear whichever shoes you want whenever you want, show Autumn that it won't change your plans because you've outsmarted it.


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