It’s getting to that time of year where your trainers will take the brunt of all your excursions. Whether it is being caught in the odd rain shower or beer garden spill related, it is likely that your footwear will bear the scars of summer more than any other piece of clothing. So, it pays to know how to look after them as the old-aged technique of wiping-and-washing-machine is no longer sufficient.

However, knowing how to keep your sneakers cleaner for longer is a skill that can be honed with a little help from Sneakers ER. Below, we highlight just how easy it is to keep your trainers clean - whether canvas, leather or suede - with seven simple steps that will keep your trainers in pristine condition all year long. For everything that you need to know about men's trainers, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to men's trainers.

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1. Use a brush to remove dirt & debris off of shoes

Always start by using a soft bristle brush over the entire upper and the midsole of the shoe. This simple first step easily removes the first layer of dirt and dust that would otherwise embed itself in the material if you go straight in with the cleaning process. If you want maximum results, and to be extremely precise, then you’ll need a different brush for the different materials you’re looking to treat – including a light suede brush and a more bristle brush for mesh and knit uppers.

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2.  Deep clean – use a cleaning solution to scrub and massage sneakers

The second step is a big one. You trainers deserve a proper deep clean – and investing in a microfibre towel will help you achieve a greater clean at this step.

The Sneakers ER Professional Clean & Protect Kit is the ultimate sneaker care solution to keep all of your sneakers – old or new – in pristine condition.

Simply add a small amount of lukewarm water to a bowl then add 2 to 4 capfuls of cleaning solution and dip a brush into the bowl. Shake off excess water and gently work the solution into sneakers – but do not soak.

Gently work up a light foam and then wipe off excess with a microfibre cloth. If you’re using the solution on suede when the sneakers are dry brush up the suede. If needed, pack the sneakers with tissue to aid the drying process.

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3. Wash and swap out your laces regularly

Laces harbour the most dirt on a sneaker, so naturally, a fresh pair of laces will instantly lift the appearance of your sneakers. Remove the laces and either replace them with a fresh pair or soak the stained ones in Sneakers ER Professional Sneaker Cleaning Solution.

Alternatively, you can soak laces in some washing detergent and then place them in a hot wash.

4. Act fast - use a water & stain repellent

Cleaning your trainers can be even easier if you act fast. Avoid allowing first to build up over time, something that can shorten the life of a leather sneaker, by keeping trainers fresh with a regular application of water and stain repellent.

Water and stain repellents are big business and that’s because they work. For any absorbent upper, where its leather, nubuck or suede, it’s a smart idea to get them protected.

Sneakers ER Superhydrophobic Protector offers complete protection for your beloved sneakers by using nano-technology to repel all types of liquid and dirt in a unique formula that is suitable for suede, leather, mesh, nubuck, canvas, gore-tex and more. The eco-friendly, non-toxic spray forms a highly durable, long-lasting, invisible protective barrier against water, coffee, oil spillages and other accidental stains, with no alteration to the appearance or breathability or the material after application.

The application is incredibly easy. From a distance of 15cm spray evenly until the surface is slightly damp – but do not oversaturate. For best results work the solution into the fibres of the sneaker with a small soft brush or lint-free cloth. Repeat the process after 15 minutes while the sneakers are still damp to touch. Then, leave to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.

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5. Air dry – allow your trainers to dry out before wearing them again

Once you’ve finished cleaning and protecting your trainers, allow them to air dry for an hour at least before wearing. Place the shoes in a safe place away from heat and sunlight.

6. Don’t forget to add suede protection

Suede and nubuck sneakers are notoriously hard to maintain and knowing what cleaning products you can put on them is even harder to know.

The Sneakers ER Suede Protect Pack offers the guidelines to keep sneakers fresh and clean forever long. Using the same instructions as highlighted above for the deep clean, the care package includes the Sneakers ER Superhydrophobic protector alongside a 100% horsehair applicator brush that is expertly designed to not damage suede, a crepe rubber brush that brings suede nap in the drying process as well as a handy 100% natural rubber that cleans scuffs, removes stains and revives nap.

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7. Keep your trainers in a box

The last step, you would be pleased to know, is the easiest. The quickest and simplest way to keep your sneakers box-fresh, space permitting, is to keep them in their original box – and ideally in the dust bags. That way, they stay clean, dust-free and in an easily identifiable and easy to navigate storage system. But, if they do appear a little worse for wear out of the box, it always pays to pick up a Sneakers ER Microfibre Cloth for a quick freshen up.

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