Looking for a luxury living room but not sure where to start? Fear not, it’s easier than you think with our select recommendations. Your luxury living room starts here.


Jude Loveseat by Russell Gillott for British Design Shop

A background creating super-yacht interiors has given designer Russell Gillott more than a clue or two on how to contribute to your luxury living room. He describes British Design Shop's Jude Loveseat as a "squircle, a blend of both a square and a circle”. This is way more than a conversation piece for your luxury living room, however, as you’ll find when you sink into the 400-gram needled polyester insulator over serpentine springs, covered in Reflex foam. Underneath is a frame of kiln-dried hardwood, hand-crafted with a ten-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Douglas Large 3 Seater Sofa by Russell Gillott for British Design Shop

Of course you need the ideal upscale sofa to lounge on in your luxury living room. The minimalist Douglas will meld with all and any decor choices, with no compromise on comfort. Detailing is all here, both inside and out. Kiln-dried hardwood frame is hand-made. Seams are twin-needled on cushions which are ingeniously hinged together for extra comfort. More detail is evident in leg design: executed in powder-coated mild steel, the perfect finishing touch for your luxury living room, courtesy of British Design Shop.


Zero Rug, Warm Gray by Nordic Knots

A new rug will effortlessly lift your luxury living room. Zero Rug range from Nordic Knots is the ideal choice. These rugs are hand-made in small batches, so this is one piece you’re not going to see round at your neighbours’ house for cocktails. Simply put: there is heritage in every Zero Rug. Design is in the Nordic Knots studios in Stockholm, with expert hand-crafting in the Indian city of Bhadohi, renowned for its long history of carpet weaving. Warm Gray colourway effortlessly enhances your luxury living room with a subtle opulence.

Nordic Shade Curtain, Soft Gary by Nordic Knots

Your curtains are as much a style statement as any other piece in your luxury living room. Nordic Knots’ Shade Curtain is designed in Stockholm, and is the very epitome of Swedish minimalism. Soft grey colourway filters rather than excludes light, offering your luxury living room a gentle ambience, whatever the light outside. Fabric is Australian wool, selected for both durability and softness. Crafting is in expert studios in India and the result, we’d humbly suggest, is added peace and that’s beyond price.


Nexus I by Lena Wigers for Wall Of Art

You want art on the walls of your luxury living room. But you don’t want it to be a cluttered gallery. Step forward the experts at Wall Of Art. They’ve released this piece by the Stockholm-based Swedish artist and illustrator Lena Wigers. Her minimalist Nexus I adds to the quiet calm of your luxury living room. Intriguing black shapes contrast intriguingly with a neutral background. “The inspiration for my works,” says the artist with deceptive simplicity, "comes from shapes and colours that I encounter in everyday life.”

Monster Cushion, Large, Dark Teal/Off-White by Siri Carlén for Hem

A touch of humour is essential for any luxury living room. That and some cosseting comfort. Siri Carlén’s designs are playful statements, taking their inspiration from patterns in nature. Her Monster Cushion is more than just a decor piece: it’s a work of art too. Execution of Siri Carlén’s designs verges on the obsessive. Skilled hand-crafting is in soft new wool, with a backing in durable canvas, by expert makers in India. We’d predict the Monster Cushion will become a signature piece in your luxury living room.


Lolly Side Table, Ochre Yellow by Pauline Deltour for Hem

Essential sunshine whatever the weather. French designer Pauline Deltour describes her work as  "simultaneously severe and delicate”. Deltour’s signature Lolly Side Table is a form follows function piece that allows messy cables to be hidden within it, courtesy an ingenious hollow single table leg. Table foot is designed effortlessly to slide beneath chair or sofa so that you can place your laptop or tablet on the surface to work or watch your favourite films.

Glyph Side Table Alpha, Grey White by Kwangho Lee for Hem

Sculptural and avant-garde, the Glyph Side Table is, as the innovators at Hem point out, “furniture as art”. Designer Kwangho Lee watched his father, a farmer, make everyday objects from whatever was at hand. Lee says today that he seeks "to give new meaning and function to the most ordinary” and that’s more than self-evident in the Glyph Side Table Alpha. This is no static table. Flip and turn the piece as you will to provide variety. Crafting is in sturdy sheet steel, covered in a sturdy powder-coat finish.

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