Don’t be put off. This is not a long-winded examination of your current office culture. It’s not an in-depth explanation as to why you should buy that specific coffee machine or why your air conditioning should be set at 22 degrees for maximum employee satisfaction. None of that. Just a straight-forward, plain and simple, easy to implement guide to help you design a great office space. It probably will keep your staff happy and contribute to keeping your staff happy in the process, just without the patronising facts and figures, alarming prices of away days and arguments about who’s buying the next round of coffee.

So, scroll down to digest the five simple steps to improving your workspace and if you’re still a little stuck for inspiration, then you can check out the 5 five accessories to upgrade your desk space, too.

Office Space 1

Get Your Office Lighting Right

Not every office space is blessed with wide open windows and light exposure so feel no type of way if you’re currently staring at a white wash wall. You can still do quite a bit about it, though. LED lights and light sensitive switches are more beneficial than harsh fluorescent lights that a lot of office employ, as bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability. Small, spotlights and pendants from the likes of Muuto can be used to dictate and change light in different areas of the office. Better still, because the Pendant Lamp takes inspiration from a resting drop of water, the lamp’s soft round shape offers a warm and cosy light. Plus, it can be hung as a single feature over a large open table or mixed in clusters to create individual breakout zones around the office.

Office Space 2

Rethink Your Work Office Seating Plan

The very best offices have a mixture of environments, spaces and zones which cater to different tasks. Putting yourself in a new space with a different look and feel literally shifts your brain and helps you stay focussed. That’s why many offices offer a variety of environments to work from; desks, conference tables, kitchens, eating areas and even lounges. We’re not advocating an all singing all dancing office space with sofas and football tables, although we do think you can benefit from that too, just a good-looking, well-functional separate board room break out to offer different perspectives will do just fine.

We suggest anchoring the office with a large, multi-functional conference table such as the Muuto 70/70 Table with smaller zones around the office for people to work away from the hustle and bustle of the desk if you have space. You can also introduce a variety of chairs for a bit more personality, including design classics such as the complimentary Muuto Workshop Chair.

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Offer A Little Office Breakout Book Inspiration

You’d be forgiven to think that your office probably doesn’t need any more paper or publications knocking about but you’d be surprised at what the addition of a couple of titles can do for your productivity. Especially when faced with the customary watch clock that comes at three thirty every afternoon. Take five minutes out, refresh, rethink and go again.

Although there is a multitude of books released each year that are cited as the ultimate source of ‘interior inspiration,’ the The High Line, the latest release from Phaidon, is genuinely that. The first-hand, behind-the-scenes account of the creative inspiration behind the High Line, the transformative public ‘park in the sky’ that has reshaped global perceptions of urban space, shows you what can be done when you look beyond the obvious. Its seven chapters are well-organised, legible, comprehensive and accessible. Meaning that you can easily dip in and out and enjoy the detailed, obsessive, quirky and compelling nature of the High Line New York whenever a low moment strikes.

Bring A Little Art Into Your Office

Exterior branding and interior office signs are not only extremely important for establishing a strong brand image but also to help design a great office space. Sygns, the artisan neon sign makers, offer a lot of variations to help your brand standout in your office space. Not only do they offer the chance to make entirely bespoke neon office art, but they also release a steady stream of contemporary neon art designs that provide a touch of personalisation to an office and help create a warm and inclusive atmosphere that generic posters or company incentives won’t achieve. If you're struggling to make your choice, then this WOW neon sign is good as place as any to start.

Office Space 5

Rearrange Your Office Storage

When was the last time you saw a filing cabinet in the office? Granted they were never the height of sophistication back in the day and a lot of us have gone paperless in that time too, but it makes you wonder where all that stuff has gone. Slim-line and easy-to-install shelving systems such as Tall Double Shelving System from MOEBE is the perfect place to keep all your forgotten filing in the office. Plus, the shelving system can be built as tall as you like and it can even serve as a room divider too if you're looking to shake up the office. It’s also the perfect place to add a little personality to your office by dropping in a few embellishments from the likes of FLYTE, Pikaplant, Raawi, Menu and more.

Now you know the five simple steps to designing a great office you can shop and explore all the finest office furnishings and accessories with latest homeware arrivals at OPUMO.