A house without any plants is not a home. Plants don’t just look great around the home, the health benefits of indoor plants are undeniable. From reducing stress and anxiety to improving air quality and increasing productivity, there’s a wealth of reasons to fill your home with house plants. So, if you don’t have any plants in your home, what are you doing? Get started as soon as possible and never look back. First off, though, remember that the best indoor plants need the best plant pots. Here are our favourite planters.


Indoor plants in the kitchen

Design House Stockholm Ash Greenhouse

The kitchen is a place where freshness should reign supreme. From the ingredients you use to the brand new Design House Stockholm Ash Greenhouse in the corner of the room. Made up of a small greenhouse and a four-legged stand, this piece can be kept on the floor or on its raised base. Small enough for indoor use but large enough to house a miniature garden, this greenhouse embodies the care that house plants deserve. The greenhouse is made from lacquered solid ash timber with panes of toughened glass and features a planting tray made of galvanised metal.


Indoor plants for the Bathroom

Menu Polished Brass / Clear Stem Vase

The bathroom is a very easy room to begin your introduction of house plants. While bare bathrooms can feel sterile and clinical, the minimal backdrop – white walls, often tiled – is ideal for a flash of green life. Virtually any plant will look great in a bathroom so get creative: succulents, hanging plants or opt for a single stem for a dramatic statement. Menu’s Polished Brass / Clear Stem Vase has a completely stripped-back design that emphasises the simple beauty of its contents. Instead of focusing on an intricate vase design, this almost-scientific vase exhibits every centimetre of an indoor plant from stem to bloom.


Introducing indoor plants into the bedroom

Menu Sand Cyclades Vase

Where the bathroom suits something bolder and more experimental, we suggest keeping it classic in the bedroom. A bedroom will usually feature more colour than a bathroom, so in order to avoid clashes opt for a traditional vase. Menu’s Cyclades Collection consists of a collection of vases in raw and glazed ceramic, offering a fresh take on how to use materials associated with the past. This vase takes on the shape of a traditional Greek vase that originated between 3200-2000BC. If a design has been popular for 5000 years, it’s probably worth taking notice of.


How to make indoor plants work in the living room

Northern White Oasis Planter

Living rooms can usually house a larger plant, so Northern’s White Oasis Planter is the one for the job. Available in two sizes, the planters can contain a variety of plants, shrubs or even small trees. The self-watering terracotta planter is comprised of interlocking containers, giving it a stable base and an integrated water reservoir. The water reservoir fills from the side and the self-watering function is activated when the upper container absorbs water from the base below it. The container’s unglazed design pulls water directly into the soil.



Honourable mention

Gejst Grey Nebl Mega Planter

It was hard to place this all-rounder, so we decided to give it an honourable mention instead. Gejst’s Nebl Mega Planter will work in any of your rooms. This indoor planter doesn’t even need a plant inside it to make an impact. Nebl features heavily frosted glass that reshapes your plant. Leaves nearer the glass appear relatively clear while those nearer the centre are obscured by a thick fog (‘nebel’ means ‘fog’ in German). Inspired by the unparalleled serenity of a misty day in nature, designer Michael Rem’s Nebl Planter encourages the viewer to focus on the natural shapes of their indoor plants.

Design House Stockholm