Founded in 2015, Handvärk is one of the world’s most disciplined design studios. Using only marble, brass and aniline leather, the studio has crafted a collection of design-led furniture that communicates a philosophy of simplicity and versatility. By consistently remodelling these three materials, the Danish studio shows the applicability of simple, modern design. A lack of colour means that attention is given only to the sleek, clean form of each product. This is is why Handvärk should be your first port of call if you’re looking for industrial interior design ideas.

2020 has been a year of less for many of us. While many sectors pick up production, producing more products in less time, the brands that see the bigger picture have cut back and produce fewer, better things. For us at OPUMO, we’ve tried to own less and enjoy it more, that’s why we think it’s time for industrial interior design ideas to prevail. Industrial interior design ideas revolve around the concept that less is more and everything that deserves a spot in the room needs to earn it through design value and practicality. Here are our top picks from Handvärk which will instil serious industrial influence on your interiors.


Industrial seating ideas

Handvärk Black / Black Aniline Leather Daybed

The daybed is a design that is often unfairly overlooked. The design stands as one of the most versatile pieces of furniture, suitable for almost any room in the house, providing seating for multiple people whether for a short stop or for settling in. When a daybed looks as good as Handvärk’s Aniline Leather Daybed, it’s a no-brainer: comfortable, stylish and handmade in Denmark.

Handvärk Black / Black Aniline Leather Lounge Chair

The first chair in the studio’s collection makes use of the signature velvet-smooth aniline leather as well as a minimal black frame to communicate its point. Its point? Style, substance and absolute simplicity.


Industrial style lighting

Handvärk Black Globe Chandelier

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement of the early 20th century, the Globe collection ensures that form follows function. Look to the shamelessly unhidden wires of the Globe Chandelier which give the fitting a more natural and slightly mesmerising quality.

Handvärk Black / Brass Studio Floor Lamp

Inspired by traditional photo lamps, this industrial floor lamp is crafted from powder coated steel with brass details. Two lamps point at right angles while exaggerated shades ensure that the beams are distinguished and properly diffused.

Handvärk Black / Brass Studio Lamp

Closely related to our previous choice, Handvärk’s Studio Lamp is at the top of the industrial pendant lamp game. Position in groups to maximise the industrial effect of this fitting which offers bold, clean geometry to any interior space.



Industrial style dining table

Handvärk Black / White 185 Dining Table

It’s difficult to find an industrial dining table. While it’s no mission to find metal tables, the difficulty comes in finding an industrial table that still feels homely. Handvärk’s use of eight large pieces of genuine polished marble elevates this minimalist design, each tile displaying its natural variations and veins, making each table unique.


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