The Barbican Estate in London is somewhat of an enigma. Although it represents a utopian idea for inner city-living, and it stands tall as one of the largest and most impressive examples of Brutalist architecture in the world, it conceals many secrets. With an estimated 400 residents living in the Barbican, there are over 2000 flats with no less than 140 different types of flat lay-outs – of which nothing has been documented about before.



However, a new photographic publication, entitled Residents by Anton Rodriguez, shines a spotlight on the life, work and incredible interiors of over 20 residents of the Barbican estate. The London-Barbican photographer and VSCO artist Anton Rodriguez started a blog ‘Barbican Residents’ out of his own interest to who his neighbours were and how their individuals home looked. Now, Anton’s blog has become a book – Residents: Inside the Iconic Barbican Estate – which offers a comprehensive overview of the entire estate compiled from photography that did not make it online.




Featuring more than 22 Barbican residents and residences the book explores the eclectic mix of interiors that sit in the shadows of the dominant architectural shell of the urban-sensitive structure. And with this unique project Anton allows the public a rare glimpse of what goes on within the illusive Barbican Estate from the outside in.

Residents: Inside the Iconic Barbican Estate is published by The Barbican Centre and is available to buy here.